Dakar: Stage 10 Kiffa to Kayes notes

Stage 10: Kiffa to Kayes January 10, 2006 Connection 1 km - Special 283 km - Connection 49 km Total 333 km The great savanna Brushland entrance to Mali. The vegetation thickens. Among baobabs, the narrow, furrowed dirt track winds its way...

Stage 10: Kiffa to Kayes
January 10, 2006
Connection 1 km - Special 283 km - Connection 49 km
Total 333 km

The great savanna
Brushland entrance to Mali. The vegetation thickens. Among baobabs, the narrow, furrowed dirt track winds its way through the savanna. This fast special favours driving, riding and sliding over the first laterite sections. Despite the tricky shotts which line the course, this will be a transition day before the challenges of Black Africa.


06:16 - No special for the bikers
Tomorrow the rally leaves Mauritania and heads to its fifth country: Mali. A shorter 333km stage including 283km of timed effort. The vegetations thickens... More dirt tracks and speed. The competitors will have to be extra cautious in the many village crossings. A real transition day on the Dakar. However the special will only concern the cars and trucks.

Indeed, the stage planned between Kiffa and Kayes will be covered in liaison from start to finish for the bike race. The organisers, the teams, the bikers and the bike race officials that gathered together after yesterday's stage have decided to neutralise stage 10 as a tribute to Andy Caldecott who passed away during the special that was covered between Nouakchott and Kiffa. All the bikers are asked to gather together at 7:30 AM for a briefing and a minute of silence in memory of the Australian biker. The first biker will take off at 8:30 AM in the order of yesterday's special.

The first car will take off as planned at 11:30 AM. The Volkswagen will absolutely want to react after losing the dune battle against Mitsubishi.

Night Watch: (reported during the morning prior to stage 10 start)

11:02 - Last night 20h20 -- Caldecott's team mates
Marc Coma accepts to talk on behalf of his team mates. In front of the KTM Repsol workshop, the Spaniard explains that he has in mind the smile of Andy and lots of other things. That the Australian loved what he did and knew how to share his passion. Carlo De Gavardo is speechless. Giovanni Sala only says "that's life" before disappearing.

11:04 - Last night 22h00 -- Have finished the stage
45 bikes out of the 132 at the star, 16 cars out of the 114 at the start and 2 trucks out of the 52. Among the many that are still expected at the bivouac is Ronn Bailey, seen off the special course, and 30km from the tarmac heading to Kiffa.

11:05 - Last night 22h45 -- 'Peter' already in bed
In the Mitsubishi workshop, the three cars still in the race are being prepared for the upcoming stage. The Pajero Evo 4 of Peterhansel was damaged under, explains chief mechanic Thierry Viardod: "He went over a big rock and has a bent tube. I think we should have at least two hours work. But what really worries me now are the trees on the course." The overall leader shocked by the death of Caldecott, didn't even talk to his mechanics about his new record of 51 stage successes. "Stephane just doesn't look like a stage winner tonight. As a former biker, he is very moved by what happened."

11:06 - Last night 23h20 -- Sainz towed
Carlos Sainz has only just made it to the Volkswagen workshop. After clocking the fastest time at CP3, the Spaniard suffered severe problems. "The engine was really doing a strange noise. I preferred to stop but I was still 15km away from the finish SO I waited and was eventually towed by the Race Touareg of Stephane Henrard. That's the way races can go... Now if I manage to finish and win another stage, it'll have been worthwhile."

11:07 - This morning, 0h00 -- Esteve operated
Isidre Esteve Pujol that heavily crashed yesterday was taken to a Nouakchott hospital where he went through surgery for a ruptured spleen and a head trauma. He entered the operation room at 21:00 and left it an hour later. The operation went well.

11:09 - This morning, 2h20 -- Stacey loses time
Hans Stacey eventually arrives. The winner of two stages in the truck race so far has lost a lot of time going from Nouakchott to Kiffa. "The truck went n its side at km 95 of the special. We waited for over an hour for our second truck to come. We then needed an extra 1h30 to repair and take off. While putting the track back on its wheels we damaged it quite a bit."

11:11 - This morning, 3h00 -- The absents
Not a lot of competitors left at km 340 of the special. Biker Ludovic Mathis is however still expecting the broom-wagon truck. The competitors are slowly getting closer to the finish, driving at around 30-40 km/h. Florence Bourgnon and Corentine Quiniou are still 186 km away from the bivouac. 73 bikes, 97 cars and 44 trucks are still expected in Kiffa.


11:30 - In memory of Andy
After yesterday's terrible news of Andy Caldecott's sad death, the bikers are on their way to Kayes, in Mali. No timed special today as a tribute to the Aussie. The first biker to take off this morning from Kiffa was yesterday's stage winner Cyril Despres. The Bikers have 10 hours to cover the 333km of the stage.

General (update on Stage 9)

11:57 - Race situation
Quite a few competitors were still on the course of stage 9 at 5:30 AM. Out of the 132 bikes that had started, 100 had finished the stage including 93 that had reached the bivouac. On four wheels, 78 crews out of the starting 114 had finished the special and 57 had made it to the Kiffa bivouac. Finally, in the truck race, 23 crews had covered the final liaison and 27 had finished the special.


12:39 - First cars take off
The first cars have taken off for their day's stage hading from Kiffa to Kayes in Mali. The first driver to start was yesterday's winner Stephane Peterhansel (Mitsubishi). The Frenchman was followed two minutes later by team mate Luc Alphand. 'Peter' has a 9'16" overall lead on Alphand.


13:10 - Bikes heading to Kayes
So far 82 bikes have reached km 100 of the 333km liaison heading to Kayes in Mali. 47 bikes have reached CP1 (km 153).


13:42 - Peter leads special
Overall leader Stehane Peterhansel leads the day's special so far at km 90. The Frenchman is ahead of team mate Luc Alphand and Giniel De Villiers. The same order as this morning's starting order.

13:59 - Tumble for car 356
At km 60 of the day's special, British crew Hammond and Banyard driving a Bowler suffered a tumble. Both the driver and co-driver are fine.

14:32 - Miller fastest at CP1
At the first and only check point of the day's special (km 158), Marc Miller has clocked the fastest time so far. The American Volkswagen driver has a tiny 1" lead on Stephane Peterhansel (Mitsubishi). Third is Nani Roma (MIT) at 22", followed by Alphand (MIT) at 1'50" and De Villiers (VW) at 2'30". Only seven cars have reached CP1.

14:36 - Sainz new fastest time at CP1
Spaniard Carlos Sainz has just clocked the fastest time at CP1 (km 153). The Volkswagen driver has a 1'44" lead on team mate Marc Miller and 1'45" on overall leader Stephane Peterhansel.


14:43 - Coma finishes stage
Spaniard Marc Coma was the first to finish the day's 333km liaison stage.


15:05 - Magnaldi in trouble
Frenchman Thierry Magnaldi who had won two specials so far was stopped two kms away from CP1 (km 253). The Schleesr-Ford buggy driver sems to have mechanical problems and is working on his car.

15:31 - Magnaldi still stopped
Thierry Magnaldi was still stopped at km 251. The Frenchamn appears to have problems on a rear hub and is waiting for his assistance vehicle.

15:40 - Alphand in trouble
Last year's runer-up and current 2nd overall Luc Alphand was stopped at km 228. The Frenchman appears to have hit a tree and has damaged his front right wheel.

16:37 - Sainz wins special
Spaniard Carlos Sainz has just clocked the fastest time of the day's special. The Volkswagen driver clinches his fourth success so far, beating Nani Roma (MIT) by 4'08. Third is Peterhansel (MIT) at 4'58", followed by Miller (VW) at 6'48" and Jutta Kleinschmidt (VW) at 8'06".

16:38 - Alphand driving again
After hitting a tree and stopping to repair a front wheel, Luc Alphand (MIT) is now back on the track and driving.

16:45 - Alphand loses over 30'
Frenchman Luc Alphand, second overall has only just finished he day's special, 35'46" adrift of the special winner Carlos Sainz.

16:49 - Peterhansel increases overall lead
Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel (MIT) has increased his race overall lead. The title holder now has a 40'04" lead over team mate Luc Alphand. Third is Giniel De Villiers (VW) at 1H03'17"


17:31 - Stacey in the lead at CP1
Holland's Hans Stacey, who dropped more than three hours to Vladimir Chagin on yesterday's stage, has clocked the best time at half-distance with a 3'47" lead over Firdaus Kabirov. The overall leader in the truck division, Vladimir Chagin was 14'54" behind Stacey as he passed CP1.


19:08 - The essentials of stage 10
Today's stage was neutralised for the motorcycle division in tribute to Andy Caldecott. In the car division, Carlos Sainz (VW-n307) won but it was Stephane Peterhansel (MIT -- n 300) who came up big today in relegating Alphand (MIT -- n 302) to 40' minutes in the overall standings. In the truck division, the third win for Hans Stacey (n 524) did not change the overall standings, largely dominated by Vladimir Chagin ( KAM-n 508).


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