Dakar-Cairo - Final Report and Standings

Sainct, Schlesser and Tchaguine win the Total-Dakar-Cairo 2000 As expected, the last stage of the Total-Dakar-Cairo 2000 was a lap of honour for the winners of the 22nd edition. In the motorcycle class Richard Sainct, in...

Sainct, Schlesser and Tchaguine win the Total-Dakar-Cairo 2000 As expected, the last stage of the Total-Dakar-Cairo 2000 was a lap of honour for the winners of the 22nd edition. In the motorcycle class Richard Sainct, in the cars Jean-Louis Schlesser-Henri Magne and in the trucks Vladimir Tchaguine/Semion Iaboukov/Serguei Savostine all avoided any disasters over the last 145 km to cross the finish line and win their respective classes.

In a few years` time a reader of the Dakar 'Livre d'Or' might get the impression that BMW had no rivals over these last two editions. And while it is true that for a competitor to win two consecutive races is often an indicator of supremacy, of either man or machine, in the case of Sainct it couldn't be further from the truth. Just like in 1999 the French rider and his Bavarian machine encountered stiff opposition from the KTM armada, most notably from its leading rider, the Spaniard Juan Roma. If anyone needs any convincing they only have to look at the number of stages won by the Austrian bikes (7 against 4 for BMW) and, above all, the lead enjoyed by Roma at the start of the 3rd from last stage (22 minutes). Confronted with an adversary who proved quicker over the terrain, Sainct was forced to count on the reliability of his bike and the support of his team mates. And finally it was a tactic that paid off - BMW took the first four places, with the third placed man, the American Jimmy Lewis, winning the twin cylinder class for good measure. The Women's Cup was eventually won by Elisabete Jacinto, after the long time leader Andrea Mayer broke her rear suspension. On today's special Roma once again made his mark, winning ahead Bernard and Knuiman. Despite leading the Production class for much of the race, the Portuguese rider Paulo Marques eventually conceded 'First Marathon' to Francois Flick (7th overall), while the winner of the 400 cc Super Production class was another Frenchman, Patrick Sireyjol. 'First Production 400' went to Aubijoux (Yamaha), with Dakar 'old hand' Raymond Loiseaux winning the over 900cc twin class. The number one spot in the quad class was taken by Josef Machacek. Finally for the bikes, Deprez and Devolder go down in the record books as the first side-car crew to ever finish a Dakar. Just like Sainct, Jean-Louis Schlesser won his class for the second time consecutively. And contrary to appearances the constructor / driver didn't have it all his own way either. The works Mitsubishi team for example won 7 stages, against just 2 for the ultimate winner. Unfortunately for them, Mitsubishi's victories were achieved by 5 different drivers (Sousa, Shinozuka, Kleinschmidt, Fontenay and Masuoka)Š a clear illustration of the importance of regularity on what is often termed the 'world's toughest race'. In fact none of the 'Mitsus' managed to stay clear of problems, suffering from either mechanical problems, navigation errors or sadly, serious accidents. It was finally the new Mega, driven by the 6 times winner of the motorcycle class, Stephane Peterhansel (2 stage wins) who gave the current World Rally-Raid Champion the biggest run for his money. In fact, if 'Peter' hadn't experienced a few 'running-in' problems at the beginning of the race, he may well have mounted the highest step of the podium today. Mitsubishi have to console themselves with victories in the T2 class (Jean-Pierre Fontenay) and the Women's Cup (Jutta Kleinschmidt, 5th overall). On today's special Kleinschmidt was second behind Servia and ahead of Fontenay. In T1 Marathon success went to Jean-Pierre Strugo (Mercedes), after a long battle with Jerome Riviere (Nissan). First Marathon diesel was won by Rattet /Garcin (Toyota - 8h53'22), while ex-Dakar winner Jacky Ickx and his daughter Vanina took the T3 diesel honours. Another ex-Dakar winner (in the motorcycle class) Franco Picco won the T2 diesel class in the company of Camillo Dal Zotto. Busquets-Bosch won the the Toyota Trophy 2000.

In the trucks Tchaguine (Kamaz) brilliantly resisted the tenacity of Loprais (Tatra), with Kabirov taking third place overall off De Azevedo (who was 3rd overall yesterday by 00'09) by just 5 seconds!

Overall standings:


1 Jean-Louis Schlesser/F Schlesser-Renault Buggy 45:02.18 h Henri Magne/F 2 Stephane Peterhansel/F SBM Mega 45:14.32 h Jean-Paul Cottret/F 3 Jean-Pierre Fontenay/F Mitsubishi Pajero 45:29.54 h Gilles Picard/F 4 Jose Servia/E Schlesser-Renault Buggy 45:41.19 h Jean-Marie Lurquin/F 5 Jutta Kleinschmidt/D Mitsubishi Pajero 46:11.25 h Tina Thorner/S 6 Hiroshi Masuoka/J Mitsubishi Pajero 46:43.31 h Andreas Schulz/D 7 Bruno Saby/F Ford-Protruck 47:45.24 h Yves Truelle/F 8 Thierry de Lavergne/F Nissan Terrano 48:41.24 h Jacky Dubois/F 9 Henri Pescarolo/F Nissan Patrol 50:05.13 h Alain Guehennc/F 10 Ramon Vila Altima/E Nissan Terrano 51:46.05 h Gonzalez Capri/E


 1 Richard Sainct/F            BMW                      49:04.32 h
 2 Oscar Gallardo/E            BMW                      49:37.20 h
 3 Jimmy Lewis/USA             BMW                      49:58.00 h
 4 Jean Brucy/F                BMW                      51:11.33 h
 5 Jurgen Mayer/D              KTM                      52:15.52 h
 6 Eric Bernard/F              KTM                      52:50.25 h


 1 Tchaguine/Yakoubov/Savostine -RUS    Kamaz           58:21.42 h
 2 Loprais/Stachura/Gilar -CZ           Kamaz           58:37.52 h
 3 Kabirov/Baliaev/Goloub -RUS          Tatra           59:45.18 h

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