Chicherit, zebra style

With its zebra stripes, Guerlain Chicherit's two-wheel drive could well gallop through Argentina...

Guerlain Chicherit is a pioneer by nature. He took the Mini on its first outing in the 2001 Dakar, just before it swept the following three editions. No-one knows how his X-Raid-designed buggy will fare, but this little gem made in the German workshops is already turning heads in Argentina thanks to its flashy appearance.

With its zebra stripes, Chicherit's two-wheel drive could well gallop through Argentina, but that is not his goal: "Sven Qandt's sent me on a mission: to go further than the Peugeots. We don't know what to expect in terms of reliability because we've never really driven over 200 kilometres in this car. I expect something like 2013 with the SMG buggy, when I would pull an amazing performance out of my hat and then lose time to a mechanical the next day."

Together with his Dalton Brothers striped pyjamas and his Juventus T-shirt, Guerlain is putting together quite a collection…

A.S.O. Dakar

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