Barreda finishes second at the salt flat day in Bolivia

Joan Barreda shone again with a flawless navigation.

Tuesday was the second day of the marathon stage in Bolivia. The riders had to half-circle and cross the "Salar de Uyuni", the biggest salt flat in the world. Opening the stage after yesterday´s victory, Joan Barreda shone again with a flawless navigation. After 462 km of special test he was only beaten by defending Dakar champ Cyril Despres.

#3 Honda: Joan Barreda
#3 Honda: Joan Barreda

Photo by: A.S.O.

Marc Coma finished six seconds behind "Bang Bang" on a day when the race arrived in Chile. Now the field is in front of a few long and hard days with lots of sand through the famous Atacama desert.

Joan Barreda: "Today was quite a fast stage, with nice tracks, partly on the salt flats. It was not possible to ´run away´ from my opponents, as I had to do also the opening navigation, but I am happy with the result. Important is that the bike and I passed very well through the second marathon stage and the high altitude conditions. Now we can attack more in the sand of Chile during the coming days."

Provisional result - Dakar 2014, Stage 8:

1. Cyril Despres (FRA, Yamaha) 05:23:20 hrs
2. Joan Barreda (ESP, Honda) +00:02:09
3. Marc Coma (ESP, KTM) +00:02:15
4. Helder Rodrigues (PRT, Honda) +00:06:38
5. Olivier Pain (FRA, Yamaha) +00:10:40
6. Michael Metge (FRA, Yamaha) +00:12:58
7. Riaan van Niekerk (ZAF, KTM) +00:13:15
8. Daniel Gouet (CHL, Honda) +00:13:23
9. Jakub Przygonski (POL, KTM) +00:13:29
10. Jordi Viladoms (ESP, KTM) +00:13:34

Provisional overall standings:

1. Marc Coma (ESP, KTM) 32:06:19 hrs
2. Joan Barreda (ESP, Honda) +00:38:08
3. Jordi Viladoms (ESP, KTM) +01:27:22
4. Alain Duclos (FRA, Sherco) +01:49:09
5. Jeremias Israel Esquerre (CHL, Speedbrain) +01:52:05
6. Olivier Pain (FRA, Yamaha) +01:59:07
7. Jakub Przygonski (POL, KTM) +02:06:06
8. Helder Rodrigues (PRT, Honda) +02:12:41
9. Cyril Despres (FRA, Yamaha) +02:23:58
10. Daniel Gouet (CHL, Honda) +02:38:51


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