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Dedicated Crew Keeps Millson Top 10 in Championship Points SHANNONVILLE ON -- September 3, 2008 -- At the final around of the 2008 Parts Canada Superbike Series held this past weekend at Shannonville Motorsports Park, RMP Racing's Ross Millson...

Dedicated Crew Keeps Millson Top 10 in Championship Points

SHANNONVILLE ON -- September 3, 2008 -- At the final around of the 2008 Parts Canada Superbike Series held this past weekend at Shannonville Motorsports Park, RMP Racing's Ross Millson overcame a devastating crash during Saturday's morning qualifying to maintain his status as the second highest ranked Superbike privateer in Canada.

Millson's pre-race schedule began early Wednesday morning where he, Motorcycle Instructor Bob Sagon King, and RMP Racing's development rider Steven Nickerson spent the morning chatting with CHCH TVs Morning Live's Lesley Stewart. Motorcycle training, equipment and Superbike racing were discussed during the live broadcast from Ultimate Cycle in Hamilton.

During the broadcast two lucky call-in contestants were treated to two prize packages. The featured giveaway included two free passes to this past weekend's race courtesy of Shannonville Motosports Park and R.A.C.E, a T-shirt and one year subscription to Inside Motorcycles courtesy of the magazine and a 2007 Series DVD and hat courtesy of PMP.

Millson took to the track Thursday morning for a pre-race Trackday. He utilized this event to gage his setup and investigate any changes to this temperamental track.

Friday morning's practice sessions were a washout due to a continuous light rain. By mid-afternoon the track conditions improved allowing for the competitors to finally test their setups. Millson's best lap time of 1:07.762 positioned him as the 11th fastest rider of the session.

Sunny skies and warm weather was just what the doctor ordered for Saturday's morning qualifying session. Millson took to Shannonville's 2.45-KM (1.5 miles) 'Pro' Track configuration and began to get the tires up to temperature. Beginning his ninth lap Millson entered corner 6 and lost the front end of his Summit Gearworks Suzuki GSX-R1000. The rear tire regained its grip sending Millson, intertwined with his bike, into the air.

Millson was taken to the local medical center and received stitches, to close a large laceration to his inner left thigh. Millson also suffered from contusions to his lower legs.

Sore and disappointed, Millson returned to the paddock to find that his mangled bike was already being stripped of all its damaged parts, just in case he could race in Sunday's feature.

"I knew if he could race we had to get on it!" said Crew Chief Mark Millson. "It takes a lot to keep Ross from giving it his all, and we had to be prepared to give him a bike to race if he was able to."

It took most of Saturday afternoon and into the evening for RMP Racing's Crew Chief Mark Millson, Blaine Groves, the Roz-Gar Racing crew and Suzuki SVCUP racer, John Jarvie, to get the battered bike race ready.

Sunday's weather was once again picture perfect for a full day of racing at Shannonville Motorsports Park. Millson spent most of his morning resting and icing his injuries. After consulting with "Doc" Walker, Millson decided he would attempt to ride for points in Sunday afternoon's feature race.

Millson rolled out onto the front straight to take his 14th place position on the grid. In front of the packed Shannonville stands the lights went out and field was off. Initially it had appeared that Millson was slow to react however moments later it was determined that rider in front and to the right of him had jumped the start.

Looking stronger than expected, Millson would gradually work his way up to 12th place. Millson stayed with a tightly packed group of riders for over half of the 20 lap feature. However in the final few laps of the race it became obvious that Millson's injuries were preventing him from maintaining the pace.

Millson eventually dropped back and crossed the finish line in 15th place. Although this was not the result he had envisioned earlier in the week, he was able to earn enough points to finish the 2008 season 9th overall in the Championship point standings.

"I had nothing left for the end of the race. I couldn't grip the tank or extend my knee." said the visibly exhausted rider. "I can't thank Mark, Blaine, Sabrina, Jessica, John, the whole Roz-Gar Racing crew and 'Doc' Walker enough. Without their amazing efforts I wouldn't have been able to race today!"

RMP Racing would like to congratulate Roz-Gar Racing's Jodi Christie on winning the Amateur 600 Sport Bike Championship.

Millson would also like to express his sincere appreciation to his parents, the entire RMP Racing crew, Roz-Gar Racing, John Sharrard of Accelerated Technologies and team sponsors; Summit Gearworks, Infinet Designs, The Essential Image, Heroic Racing Apparel, Turn 2 Sportbike Rentals, Bickle Racing, Ultimate Cycle, Lucas Oil, Motovan, Inside Motorcycles and Suzuki Canada. Thanks must also go to the dedicated staff at Shannonville, PMP organizers, corner workers and safety crew.

Millson will spend the next few weeks recuperating before beginning to train for the 2009 season.


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