Race City II: Race summary

CALGARY, AB Pascal Picotte won both National Pro events at Race City Motorsport Park Saturday, dominating the Parts Canada Superbike and Hindle Exhaust Pro 600 Sport Bike races. The Granby, QC, rider, last year's champion in both classes made...

CALGARY, AB Pascal Picotte won both National Pro events at Race City Motorsport Park Saturday, dominating the Parts Canada Superbike and Hindle Exhaust Pro 600 Sport Bike races.

The Granby, QC, rider, last year's champion in both classes made an excellent start in the Superbike race aboard his Team Yamaha / Picotte Performance Yamaha YZF-R1 and was never headed.By lap 3 Picotte had a lead of well over a second on second-place Steve Crevier of Maple Ridge, BC.

"I knew I had to check out and do the best I could in the first 10 laps, or at least the first five laps," Picotte said."It really worked out but you never know what could happen until the last lap. I kept the pace up as much as I could and I just kept pulling away."

Crevier timed-in second-fastest in qualifying Friday but was assessed a penalty for exceeding the class horsepower limit, which relegated him to the 16th starting position.But partway through the first lap Crevier was second. He held that spot for the rest of the race on his DXS Diablo Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Frank Trombino of Kleinburg, ON held third for the first two laps on the Brooklin Cycle Yamaha YZF-R1 before Jeff Williams of Harrowsmith, ON moved past him in the south end.The DXS Diablo Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000 rider was soon passed by the Honda Canada / Fast Company Honda CBR1000RR ridden by Jordan Szoke of Brantford, ON, who then came under pressure from local rider Clint McBain.

The two young riders battled for several laps until McBain finally prevailed.Over the last four laps, McBain's Coors Light Racing / Blackfoot Suzuki GSX-R1000 erased a four-second lead held by Crevier and took the checkered flag right on the tail of Crevier's motorcycle.

In Hindle Exhaust Pro 600 Sport Bike, Calgary racer Chris Peris held the lead for the first three laps on his Suzuki GSX-R600 with Crevier and Picotte in hot pursuit.

Picotte took his Yamaha YZF-R6 around the Suzuki GSX-R600 of Crevier in the south end of the track on lap 3 and got by Peris in the same area a lap later. Crevier got around Peris on lap 6 and while he was able to close on the leader with four laps to go, he was unable to make a serious challenge.

Polesitter McBain finished third on his Suzuki GSX-R600.

Threatening weather closed in just as the International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW Amateur 600 Sport Bike riders were beginning their qualifying session, which was cancelled as a result.

Times from Friday's practice will be used to set Sunday's Amateur 600 Sport Bike grid, putting Dominic Lavoie of Levis, QC on the pole on his Kawasaki ZX-6RR.

Racing Sunday will also include the second races for both the Parts Canada Superbike and Pro 600 Sport Bike series.

This weekend's events will be televised on TSN on July 24 and July 31 at 11:30 a.m. EDT and on Quebec's RDS on Aug. 8 at 12:00 p.m. and Aug. 22 at 11:30 a.m. The action will also appear in one-hour format later this summer on Toronto1 and A-Channel stations in Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton.

For more series information, visit www.cdnsuperbike.com

Results of Saturday's second round of the Parts Canada Superbike Championship at Race City Motorsport Park in Calgary, showing finishing position, number, rider name, hometown and brand of motorcycle:

1. #1, Pascal Picotte, Granby, QC, Yamaha; 2. #14, Steve Crevier, Maple Ridge, BC, Suzuki; 3. #9, Clint McBain, Calgary, AB, Suzuki; 4. #101, Jordan Szoke, Brantford, ON, Honda; 5. #7, Jeff Williams, Harrowsmith, ON, Suzuki; 6. #34, Kevin Lacombe, Granby, QC, Yamaha; 7. #31, Frank Trombino, Kleinburg, ON, Yamaha; 8. #3, Chris Peris, Calgary, AB, Suzuki; 9. #26, Andrew Nelson, Kars, ON, Honda; 10. #6, Craig Connell, Brisbane, Australia, Suzuki; 11. #16, Francis Martin, Rock Forest, QC, Kawasaki; 12. #17, Brian Nielsen, Edmonton, AB, Yamaha; 13. #13, Matthew McBride, Mississauga, ON, Kawasaki; 14. #36, Peter Holzinger, Banff, AB, Suzuki; 15. #74, Michael Leon, Beaconsfield, QC, Suzuki; 16. #51, Yannick Morin, Repetigny, QC; 17. #114, Corey Sherman, Corbyville, ON, Suzuki; 18. #11, Mike Zottmann, Calgary, AB, Suzuki; 19. #12, Bill Card, Wellesley, ON, Honda; 20. #46, Tim Easton, Calgary, AB, Yamaha; DNF. #100, Dale Yamada, Calgary, AB, Kawasaki; DNF. #42, Barry French, Brampton, ON, Yamaha; DNF. #47, Matt Binns, Uxbridge, ON, Ducati; DNF. #169, James McCarthy, Edmonton, AB, Kawasaki; DNF. #441, Francois Chartrand, Anjou, QC, Yamaha; DNS. #57, Dave Hodge, Acton, ON, Triumph

Parts Canada Superbike Championship point standings after two of eight rounds, showing position, rider name and point total:

1. Pascal Picotte, 99; 2. Steve Crevier, 94; 3. Clint McBain, 85; 4. Kevin Lacombe, 62; 5. Jordan Szoke, 59; 6 tie. Jeff Williams, 54; 6 tie. Frank Trombino, 54; 8. Andrew Nelson, 44; 9. Craig Connell, 38; 10. Matthew McBride, 30; 11. Francis Martin, 27; 12. Chris Peris, 24; 13. Jean-Francois Cyr, 21; 14. Michael Leon, 18; 15 tie. Brian Nielsen, 15; 15 tie. Brent Strong, 15; 17. Bill Card, 14; 18. Stuart Nodell, 13; 19. Peter Holzinger, 20. Yannick Morin, 8; 21 tie. Larry Orde, 6; 21 tie. Corey Sherman, 6; 23 tie. Darren Wilbur, 4; 23 tie. Mike Zottmann, 4; 25. Dave Young, 2; 26 tie. Tim Easton, 1; 26 tie. Sebastien Michel, 1

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