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INDIANAPOLIS - Sam Schmidt Motorsports, having been dressed in pink gear all month long, has decided to take advantage of the attention to raise funds in a pledge drive for the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation.

One team member will dye their hair pink per $10,000 pledged to the Foundation. Thus, if the foundation were to raise $100,000, 10 team members will crew the car for the 2009 Indianapolis 500 with pink hair.

"Well, we have pink suits and a pink car," team owner Sam Schmidt said, "so we may as well go all the way and dye our hair pink. We've gotten a lot of attention with our program this month, and we felt we should center some of that positive attention towards a good cause." "Running the pink HER car, I think it'd be great to have crew with pink hair as well," driver Alex Lloyd said. "The donations would go towards a great cause, and the benefits would be huge. Plus, it'll be a lot of fun for everyone involved."

As of now, $20,000 has been pledged to the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation, but for a different reason. Crew member Kody Kohlman, known around the paddock for his stylish mullet, has been asked to shave his head for the pledged donation.

"I know Kody loves the foundation, and he'll do anything that will benefit the cause," Schmidt said. "We're all excited to see him bald."

As of today, Kohlman still has not agreed to go along with the plan. More pledges will help the cause.

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