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Scuderia Playteam Sarafree guest of Dinamo Bucharest during round 3 of the FIA GT Championship Tursday, May 18, 2007 Andrea Bertolini, Andrea Piccini, Giambattista Giannoccaro, Alessandro Pier Guidi are the firstplayers to have been invited by...

Scuderia Playteam Sarafree guest of Dinamo Bucharest during round 3 of the FIA GT Championship

Tursday, May 18, 2007 Andrea Bertolini, Andrea Piccini, Giambattista Giannoccaro, Alessandro Pier Guidi are the firstplayers to have been invited by the world famous football club Dinamo Bucurest to their stadium Stefan cel Mare. Almost 15,300 spectators watched on as the footballers and drivers slugged it out on pitch and a scoreline of 8-8 marked by a goal from Andrea Piccini.

"I am quite proud," commented Andrea after the game, "To have Participated in this charity game in front of a rather full grand stand of fans, and media."

The departure from the track at 6pm this sunny evening was not without difficulty. The big white 55-person bus that was expected to be parked along the pit lane to bring the drivers to the stadium did not quite make it to the pitlane as access was already closed in front of the magnificent and impressive Romanian parliamentary building. In the paddock the motorhomes were being built and all the teams getting ready for the inaugural event at the Bucharest Ring. The track has been gradually been put in place over the last few weeks, with the concrete walls even being brought in from Bilbao. The newly resurfaced circuit was looking good with its new dark shiny asphalt in front of the massive grandstands able to accommodate up to 70,000 spectators on this temporary circuit.

Giambattista Giannoccaro commented, "My first ever football game was great. When my son hears that I played against the famous Dinamo, he will never believe me. Usually my son cheers for Milano. It is incredible to have played against the most celebrated team of the country. Those who just won the Cup. It was a normal game where fair play and common sense were present all along. F.C. Dinamo Bucharest is one of the most successful Romanian football clubs. They gave me the club's triangular emblems, with. I will certainly keep it in the garage to bring luck to the team. I was voted captain of the team of drivers. It was a lot of responsability. I can imagine now, that if I was not a racing driver, I could have become a football player. It was a fast game and felt like a good training session also after the flight from Italy. Just like there are football games for drivers in Monza or a charity game in Monaco at the Louis II stadium, it is a good way to prepare physically for the race. The score is good. It showed that everyone worked well. There are no winners and no loosers. Just a fair way to end a good and tough game to finish with such a high score."

Andrea Piccini added, "I scored one goal. Everyone cheered. I heard my name several times on the commentary throughout the stadium. Overall, we played very sensibly. We did not take any risk of getting injured. I wish the football players could try our cars around the track. I tell you they would not make it in some parts that are quite narrow for our wide Maserati. Tonight everyone has been fantastic and we really had lot of fun. I was a bit hesitant to play before a race event. You can easily hurt yourself without preparation. But tonight was perfect and a good way to mingle with the locals and come close the heart of their country."

Alessandro Pier Guidi added, "Tonight our experiment of coming to the most famous stadium in Bucharest was fantastic. It is quite difficult to be playing football when you do not do it on a regular basis. You need to be in good physical condition. Usually I cheer for Milan. But tonight, I was cheering for myself and the drivers. This is quite a change. It was a lot of emotion coming onto the grass. The stadium looks so much bigger and wider in reality than when you may watch a game on TV. It was really a first. I am very pleased to have managed such a strong and energetic game. I tried to give the best of my ability and establish how great it was for our team to be participating to such an initiative. A real honor for our team at Bucharest to have been invited to such a glorious event."

Scuderia Playteam SaraFree will use the Bucharest stop to discover the city and participate in a number of activities around town. The drivers will also invite children from the city who have been already exposed to racing and are all in a karting school to the paddock on Friday to meet with the drivers and discover their racing car.

Scuderia Playteam SaraFree has always emphasised its strong social commitment through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The team has been appointed as a UNICEF Partner for 2007 and supports the UNICEFglobal campaign "Unite for children, Unite against AIDS".

In Bucharest, the Team's cars and livery will show the global UNICEF campaign on its roof: 'Unite for children, Unite against AIDS'. The Scuderia Playteam SaraFree will contribute all season to raise funds to support the UNICEF campaign.

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