Repsol riders have fun in Jarama

Marc Coma, Isidre Esteve and Nani Roma experienced for the first time the feeling of a formula car together with the GT drivers Ángel Burgueño and Miguel Ángel de Castro. On the occasion of the presentation of Drivex, a company dedicated...

Marc Coma, Isidre Esteve and Nani Roma experienced for the first time the feeling of a formula car together with the GT drivers Ángel Burgueño and Miguel Ángel de Castro.

On the occasion of the presentation of Drivex, a company dedicated to the organisation of driving courses lead by the drivers Pedro Martinez De La Rosa and Miguel Ángel de Castro, the Repsol Raid riders had the chance to enjoy a learning and fun day on the asphalt of the Jarama circuit. It was the first time they were able to lap on the track in Madrid, and while Nani Roma had already taken part as a Repsol guest in the Supercopa SEAT Leon during the Formula 1 GP on the Circuit de Catalunya, it was the first time Marc Coma and Isidre Esteve got in a single-seater and in a race touring car.

The day started with a touring car test with a first trial on the track. Each of the Repsol riders was accompanied by an instructor who acted as co-driver, showing them the right racing line, braking points and other driving techniques. Nani Roma was the one showing better style at the wheel from the beginning, while Marc Coma and Isidre Esteve revealed their obvious lack of experience on the asphalt. Esteve even went off track without consequences.

After the touring cars it was time for a co-drive in a Formula 3 double-seater, each making one lap in order to get the necessary references for the single-seater trial. Finally, and taking turns, the riders enjoyed five laps at the wheel of a single-seater, three however for Esteve, as a penalty for his off-track with the touring car. They obviously did it neutralised, following a pace car and with a safety car behind. But this was no hindrance for them, as true race drivers, to leave the safety car behind and overtake the pace car as soon as they got the chance. Nani Roma even delighted all those present with a spectacular spin.

Coma, Esteve and Roma left the Jarama circuit happy and satisfied for having been able to enjoy the experience, and although they would have loved to make some more laps, they made it clear that they would never change roads and deserts for circuits. The activity of the Repsol riders doesn't stop and they will be taking part on Saturday 12th in the Toni Soler Memorial which will be celebrated in Basella (Lleida).

Marc Coma: "It was my first time in a circuit and I had never driven a race touring car nor a formula. It's been a bit strange but funny. It was easier to relax and act the fool with the touring cars because we were neutralised with the formulas. The feeling is completely different compared to the bike. While on a formula you feel the speed in the face, you haven't got that much speed feeling in the touring car, but when you look at the speedometer you notice that you're being really fast. I'm not thinking about a change to circuits but this year I'll take part as a guest driver for Repsol in a race of the Supercopa SEAT Leon."

Isidre Esteve: "It's been real fun. I had never raced on a circuit before and everything was new to me, but the experience has been fantastic. I probably had more fun with the touring car because we were not allowed to be too fast with the formula. But it's obvious because we had never driven a formula before and everything is very different. It's been an experience filled with new sensations and I would really love to repeat it. It's a good way to change a bit and disconnect."

Nani Roma: "It's been a fantastic day and I want to thank Repsol for giving me this opportunity. It's been real fun and, although I had already driven a race touring car I had never been in a single-seater before. It was also my first time on the Jarama circuit. I've had a lot of fun but the cockpit of the single-seater is quite small and I was forced to drive rather shrunken; I had trouble shifting gears. I felt better lap after lap but you haven't got the chance to do much in five laps. I'd love to repeat it, but with a larger cockpit."

Miguel Ángel De Castro: "They've all done quite a good job, although Nani was the one driving with more ease. Marc and Isidre have improved along the day; the three of them surprised me. A critical point is the start from the pits, where inexperienced drivers usually stall the single-seater, but they managed to do it without any problem. They exuded calmness. It's been a first contact, although at the end of the day they all wanted to take part in a race. Thank God it was already six o'clock and the track was closed!."


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