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Sertões meets winners of Experience 2010 Luis Eduardo Stedile (Mitusbishi), on cars, and Danilo Silva (KTM 450), on bikes, won the second edition of the race For most competitors, the fourth stage of the Sertões International Rally, held...

Sertões meets winners of Experience 2010

Luis Eduardo Stedile (Mitusbishi), on cars, and Danilo Silva (KTM 450), on bikes, won the second edition of the race

For most competitors, the fourth stage of the Sertões International Rally, held this Saturday (14th) linking Alto Paraiso de Goias (GO) to Dianopolis (TO), meant only one more step towards Fortaleza (CE) city which hosts the tenth - and last - special. However, for those enrolled in Sertões Experience, the competition came to an end and revealed the champions.

World's second largest off-road race, only behind the Dakar Rally, Sertões requires much practice and high technical level of drivers and navigators. To give opportunity to the less experienced competitors, Dunas Race, organizer of the event, created the Experience category in 2009. In its second edition, the event was held in four stages, and accepted drivers and navigators for cars and bikes.

Besides Alto Paraiso de Goias (GO) and Dianopolis (TO), the race has also crossed Goiânia (GO), Caldas Novas (GO) and Unai (MG). Raced at exactly the same specials and liaisons of Sertões Rally, the Experience met its winners: Luis Eduardo Stedile and Armando Luiz Miranda (Mitsubishi), between cars and Danilo Silva (KTM 450) on the bikes.

"This Dunas Race initiative is pretty cool, because it opens an opportunity for those who want to start racing. This was our first step and it was important because I believe that with this result, it will be easier to get sponsorship to do the whole Sertões next year," said Stedile.

"I recommend and I think it is essential to inexperienced riders to race the Experience before facing the whole Sertões. I did not expect to win. I wanted to participate and try to complete the race. In the end, I still managed to get a great result and be the champion among the bikes. I am very happy and I will make the Sertões Rally next year," said Danilo Silva, from Pernambuco.

In the car category, Gunter Hinkelman / Marcelo Haseyama (Mitsubishi), second, and Julio Tillinger / Werner Luckow (Mitsubishi) completed the list of contestants who received the medal from the hands of Marcos Moraes, organizer of the event.

"I had never raced before and the 'rally bug' really got me, because of the insistence of Marcelo Damini, who is here in the Sertões doing the whole race. I met my navigator on the phone, got a sponsor and we went to Goiânia. It was very nice, I tuned up with the car, with the navigator, and we will now continue. We are sure to be here to do a full route of the Sertões Rally in 2011, said Hinkelman.

"We will use the same equipment, and we will run next year. It was very good, fun, we have done reasonably well, we finished all the stage with times we pleased," said Tillinger.

In the bikes category, behind Danilo Silva, James Guidi de Carvalho (KTM 450), in second place, and Eduardo Frausino (Honda 300) in third were awarded on Saturday night (24). "It was really cool to be a part of the Rally Experience and live this whole tournament atmosphere with the best riders in the world. Of course this gives me good spirit, and I think this kind of initiative from Dunes (Race, Sertões Rally organizer) to encourage novice riders is worth," celebrated the runner-up.

"The first time is very interesting. There was a moment that I nearly gave up the third day was very difficult and complicated. Each day was a new surprise. It's wonderful, no words to explain," said Frausino.

Marcos Moraes approves second edition of the Series: Event organizer, Marcos Moraes was also pleased with the completion of the second edition of the race. "We created the Sertões Experience last year with the goal of providing the less experienced competitors an idea of what it means to participate in the Sertões International Rally. We have achieved this goal and I'm very glad we made the second edition successfully. Congratulations to the champions."

BIKES 1-) Danilo Silva Fonseca Gomes (KTM 450) - 13h17min38s0
2-) James Guidi de Carvalho (KTM 450) - 14h09min57s9
3-) Eduardo Henrique da Silva Frauzino (Honda 300) - 15h31min00s9

CARS 1-) Luis Eduardo Stedile/Armando Luiz Miranda (Mitsubishi L200) - 10h17min10s9
2-) Gunter Hinkelmann/Marcelo Haseyama (Mitsubishi L200) - 11h10,om06s2
3-) Julio Cesar Picolli/Werner Luckow (Mitsubishi L200) - 11h55min29s8

-source: sertoes.com

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