Pharaons: Series stage 6 summary

PHARAONS CROSS COUNTRY RALLY SIXTH STAGE: SITRA-BAHARIJA TRANSFER: Km 1,18 SPECIAL: Km 431,04 TRANSFER: Km 2,06 TOTAL: Km 434,28 THE STAGE Two assistance points in this nice stage on the way back to Baharija. At the start CAP 200 in order to...


SPECIAL: Km 431,04
TOTAL: Km 434,28


Two assistance points in this nice stage on the way back to Baharija. At the start CAP 200 in order to skirt the Barhein protected area which is at our right toward West. At CP1, full CAP West in order to get on the Southern side of the protected area, all absolutely off road, with beautiful sand and beautiful dunes, some rounded, some broken, be careful.

Around CP2 at km 71.74, more complex dunes and some steps of sand downhill. At km 81.17, another change of direction; CAP 165 over a well traced track, a little wavy with hard ground for over 30 km, then sand comes again, the track is always less visible, up to become again a nice off road, alternated by some traces here and there. Around km 130 we see again dunes, many, beautiful, some broken, some rounded (top care but also top fun) alternated with wavy areas, drive at sight.

CP3 and assistance point and bike refueling at km 210.32, where we find again the road Baharija -- Siwa, change of direction and CAP 156 on off road over a solid ground of back pebbles, toward the dunes at the horizon. From CP3 to CP4 almost 40 km of dunes in a very fast row, almost all broken and quite complex, difficult to understand, the straight line is not given the easiest and fastest.

At CP4 another change of CAP 58-60 in order to ascend on the asphalt, always continuing to climb over dunes, for the first stretch complex and broken, followed by more rounded dunes up to km 287.91, CP5 and second assistance point of the selective sector.

After CP5 still some dune then find again a well traced track at km 301.26 which lead us up to Baharija. Many oued to cross, with basins and waves, some step while entering and exiting, the track is smooth and doesn't show navigation problems.

At km 410.50 a nice labyrinth of rocks for over 10 km leads us to the descend over Baharija, quite funny, asks for drive at sight in order to avoid sudden obstacles and flat tyres.


Cyril Despres today gets the stage victory at the Pharaons Rally. The french pilot, that has by now 17 advantage minutes on Luca Manca, is preparing himself to his first triumph in the egyptian land tomorrow at Cairo. Among the cars Pelichet/Decre win the stage and surpass in the Overall Tonetti/Tonetti, hanged back because of a cover-up during the final part of the trial. Nullified stage at CP5 (Km 287th) due to an accident at an assistance transport of the egyptian crew El Syrgany/Besancon.

BAHARIJA - An elicopter landed on the road between Baharija and Sitra, the Organization's doctors rushing: an image that don't let us think nothing good . After passed the all night working on a race car, a pick-up of the egyptian crew assistance El Syrgany/Besancon left the road while was travelling to Sitra.Between the people involved, one died, while the others two have been carried to Cairo. Because of the gravity of the accident, the Organization, according to FIA Jury , had immediatly dedided to concentrate the health service on the accident place and to stop the stage at CP5 after 287 round's kilometres.

Started seventh this morning, Cyril Despres attained to reach the top trio formed by Lopez, Manca and Przygonski, just after Km 201 at CP2, winning his fourth Pharaons 2009 stage, with an advantage of almost six minutes on the polish Przygonski. Third stage place for Paolo Ceci, detached of 7'50" from the winner. Luca Manca, fourth, preceded Jaceck Czachor and Francisco Lopez, winner of yesterday.

With Despres firmly in command and Manca tight on second position at 17 minutes behind the french, the fight for the third podium step is really unsure: Paolo Ceci has been surpassed by Jakub Przygonski and is back of one minute, but tomorrow will start two minute behind the polish and will do everything to reach him.

Among the cars the Overall top changes: in command passed Jerome Pelichet and Eugenie Decre, winners of the today's stage with 29 minutes of advantage on Roberto and Nicola Tonetti: father and son shelved during the final part of the stage, after were been on the same times of the opponents for the all day. Now the French/Swiss duo command with 4'19" of advantage on the two italians.

Third in the today's stage Mido Abouyoussef and Mahamoud Wahid Aly. They are the today's best egyptian crew and preceded twins Aldo and Dario De Lorenzo and the Saudi Al Muhna/Alsanad, both fourth with the same time. Eighth in this stage, Michel Visy and Philippe Bouquin that stay firmly on the third step of thew podium.

Tomorrow is the last stage of Pharaons 2009. A 300 Km special stage will be the last effort for the pilots before the finishing point at Giza's Pyramids that will decree the winners of the twelfth edition of Pharaons International Cross Country Rally.

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