Pharaons Rally: Series stage 4 report

COMA ATTACKS CHALECO FIRST STAGE WIN FOR TRAGLIO/LURQUIN Today, Marc Coma gets the stage victory as a birthday present. Maurizio Traglio and Fabian Lurquin score their first win in Pharaons Rally 2010. Aprilia loses rider Gerard Farres after an...


Today, Marc Coma gets the stage victory as a birthday present. Maurizio Traglio and Fabian Lurquin score their first win in Pharaons Rally 2010. Aprilia loses rider Gerard Farres after an accident where the Spanish broke his shoulder and will be repatriated to Cairo.

Sitra -- The rally caravan arrives to Sitra after completing the longest stage of Pharaons Rally 2010. After a 435 km of special section starting from Abu Mingar's bivouac, crews and riders are now next to the beautiful lake of Sitra to celebrate stage winners Marc Coma and Maurizio Traglio/Fabian Luquin.

Even if Marc Coma signs another stage victory, the day was marked by the accident of Aprilia rider Gerard Farres. The Spanish crashed at km 288 and broke his right shoulder. The first one to arrive to the scene was Tim Trenker. As Farres'iritrack was broken, Trenker alerted the organizer to get medical help and then, the Spanish asked him to continue his race.

Other riders came to the scene and stood with Farres, who was shocked by the incident. Finally, he was evacuated in the medical helicopter to the bivouac before his repatriation to Cairo.

After today's result Chaleco Lopez keeps his leadership but Marc Coma gets closer. The Catalonian takes the 2nd position overall, 3'56'' from the Chilean rider.

In quads, Patronelli keeps his fast pace and earns another stage win: Four victories in a row for the Argentinean in his first time in Africa.

The stage victory in cars goes to Maurizio Traglio and Fabian Lurquin. After yesterday problems on the sand, the Italian/Belgian crew gets its best result so far and scores the first victory of Team Tecnosport in Pharaons Rally 2010.

Meanwhile car crews claimed to have seen the most beautiful landscapes during a long special that took them to Sitra, Eric Vigouroux had some other misfortunes. The Trophy Truck was caught in the sand two times during the special, but not only that. They had two flat tires and expected to find a spare one at the assistance point, but unluckily the truck didn't make it on time.

Jean Louis Schlesser keeps his comfortable first place overall, followed by Maurizio Traglio 1h37'30'' behind and Japanese driver Jun Mitsuhashi is third, 1h57'46''.

The best Egyptian crew is the Buggy Cottel of Rahhala Racing. Omar Hani and Akram Al Sharif take the 7th place and are now 8th overall.

Tomorrow, the fifth stage of Pharaons Rally 2010 will take the caravan from Sitra to Siwa after a 412 km special stage.

They said...


Marc Coma: "It was a very dusty stage. There was lots of fesh-fesh. I rolled with the group in front with Helder Rodriguez. I kept a good rhythm until the end and I earned a stage win."

Joan Barreda: "It wasn't a dangerous stage. The problem was the lack of visibility because of the dust. I think that was the reason Gerard (Farres) crashed. I rolled with him for a while and then I went faster so he stood behind."

Jakub Przygonski: "It was a very fast stage. Sometimes it was necessary to slow down because of the dust. There were bumps and stones, so you have to be careful too. I stopped for Farres at km 288. I left the bike and went up to him. He said he was ok, he was conscious and he told me to keep going, so after that I kept thinking about the accident. "

Tim Trenker: "It was a fast and mixed ground. I found my rhythm and I found Gerard Farres. I saw he was feeling bad. His iritrack was broke, so I called the race direction with mine. It was hard to focus on the race after that so I rode prudently after that."


Marcos Patronelli: "After an accident you are more aware of the risk you take in races like that. For me it was a fast stage but the last kilometers were more complicated. The quad is well but I have to take care so it doesn't get exhausted before the end of the race."


Maurizio Traglio: "It was a beautiful special stage. The dunes were magnificent and there was lots of navigation though out the stage. As I have a great co-driver, we did not make mistakes and we obtained our first victory. This means a lot to us."

Jean Louis Schlesser: "Arnaud is a great navigator. When everybody was going left, he told me to go right and not follow the traces. It wasn't easy today, there was the possibility to fall after climbing cut end dunes."

Jun Mitsuhashi: "It was hard to focus because the air nozzle was broken so my eyes were dried and it was very uncomfortable. Then, we had a flat tire 30 km before the finish. I rather prepare for tomorrow because it will be a hard day too."

Jerome Pelichet: "For us it was the nicest day because it was the first journey without any problems. We had one problem after the other from the first special but today it was great. We rolled quietly to avoid punctures and we are early at the bivouac. Great day!"


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