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Chronological touring photos :

Luke Hines
Paddock Hill Bend on the first lap Shaun Watson-Smith
Tom Chilton Yvan Muller
Jason Plato Michael Bentwood
John George Jason Plato
Colin Turkington Yvan Muller
Carl Breeze James Thompson
Dan Eaves Colin Turkington
Tom Chilton Jason Plato
Dan Eaves Michael Bentwood
Carl Breeze
Jason Plato Close racing
Dan Eaves is forced wide Jason Plato
Tom Chilton suffers accident damage James Thompson
Jason Plato Colin Turkington
Robert Collard Colin Turkington
James Thompson Luke Hines
Robert Marsh and Farique Hairuman Robert Collard
Robert Collard Robert Collard
Robert Collard
Jason Plato John George
Robert Collard Jason Plato
Robert Collard Colin Turkington
Robert Collard