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Chronological touring photos :

Yvan Muller's engine smokes Yvan Muller's engine smokes
James Thompson Colin Turkington
Shaun Watson-Smith Robert Huff passes Colin Turkington on lap one
James Thompson and Anthony Reid Matt Neal
James Thompson ahead of Anthony Reid Michael Bentwood
Thompson, Reid, Huff and Neal Plato tries to pass Thompson forcing Turkington wide
Tom Chilton passes everyone on the inside Luke Hines
Matt Neal ahead of Tom Chilton James Thompson
Colin Turkington Robert Huff leads Jason Plato
Luke Hines Neal and Thompson defend with their damaged cars
Tom Chilton Matt Neal's damaged front
Dan Eaves Jason Plato
Anthony Reid BTCC action
Alan Morrison
Anthony Reid
BTCC action BTCC action
Dan Eaves James Thompson
Jason Plato Justin Keen
Kelvin Burt Luke Hines
Matt Neal Michael Bentwood
Shaun Watson-Smith