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Chronological touring photos :

Pitstop for Tom Kristensen Pitstop for Mattias Ekström
Pitstop for Peter Dumbreck Jean Alesi leads Gary Paffett
Jean Alesi Jean Alesi
Bernd Schneider Fans in Hockenheim paddock
A lovely grid girl
Martin Tomczyk on the starting grid
Gary Paffett on the starting grid
Marcel Fassler in charming company Laurent Aiello with representatives of his sponsor
Drivers parade: Heinz-Harald Frentzen with pop singer Jeanette Biederman Drivers parade: Bernd Schneider and Christijan Albers
Formation lap about to start
Formation lap: Jean Alesi Field takes place on the starting grid
Start: Jean Alesi takes the lead Start: Jean Alesi leads the field
Start: Jean Alesi leads the field Bernd Mayländer
Bernd Schneider Jean Alesi
Christijan Albers Mattias Ekström
Peter Dumbreck Manuel Reuter
Bernd Schneider Mattias Ekström
Peter Dumbreck Christijan Albers
Martin Tomczyk Christijan Albers
Jean Alesi Stefan Mücke
Jeroen Bleekemolen Heinz-Harald Frentzen
Jean Alesi and Martin Tomczyk Podium: race winner Gary Paffett with Christijan Albers and Mattias Ekström
Podium: Mattias Ekström
Podium: race winner Gary Paffett