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Chronological touring photos :

First lap Race action
Race action Podium
btcc-2001-kh-tm-0101 btcc-2001-kh-tm-0102
btcc-2001-kh-tm-0103 btcc-2001-kh-tm-0104
btcc-2001-kh-tm-0105 Michael Bartels and Opel Team Holzer
Legendary race car driver Klaus Ludwig, now commentator for the German TV
Race director Roland Bruynserade
Norbert Haug having fun with radio-controlled car
Hans-Jürgen Abt
Volker Strycek
Go hard or go home
Martin Tomczyk
Uwe Alzen
Marcel Fassler Timo Scheider
Timo Scheider
Bernd Mayländer
Bernd Mayländer and Patrick Huismann Patrick Huismann
Patrick Huismann
Bernd Mayländer Michael Bartels
Opel Team Holzer Pitlane action
Norbert Haug
Norbert Haug, Volker Strycek and Christian Abt
Joachim Winkelhock
Michael Bartels Timo Scheider
Christian Abt
The start: Patrick Huismann in front of Bernd Mayländer First lap: David Saelens and the rest of the field
Bernd Schneider Christian Abt and Mattias Ekström
Bernd Mayländer Hubert Haupt
Peter Dumbreck Bernd Mayländer