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Mark Kirberg Fred Pignataro
Mark Kirberg Peter Schwartzott
Mark MacLean Rick Gilhart
Greg Merril Fred Pignataro
Fred Meyer Laurence Oliva
Jeff McMillin Roger Foo
Laurence Oliva and Fred Meyer Nick Woodhouse
Pierre Kleinubing Taz Harvey
Peter Schwartzott Ken Dobson
Tim Wiens Fred Meyer
Rick Gilhart Jeff McMillin
Fred Pignataro David Farmer
Jeff McMillin John Young
Tim Wiens Fred Meyer
Michael Thornley Peter Schwartzott
Peter Cunningham
Peter Schwartzott Michael Thornley
Robert Stretch Rick Gilhart
Fred Meyer Roger Foo
Mark Kirberg Nick Woodhouse
Johannes van Overbeek David Farmer
Peter Schwartzott and Jon Prall Tim Wiens
Accident for Fred Pignataro Brad Flowers
Michael Thornley Mark Mitchell