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Chronological nascar photos / User uploads:

Mr. Drissi is in the house! Nemechek #87
Mike, Ellie & Tomy Everyone is a Said Head!
No Way! Even Lacy thinks Boris is funny!
Tomy Drissi & Lacy Drissi just before qualifying start David Ragan & Mike Cesario talk about the special people in each of their lives
Danica sighting. Cousin Carl
Nascar's hottest couple. Number 1!
Tommy Klauer Tommy & Bill Romanowski
Daryl Harr grabs the check for his move of the race. Michael Self
Points leader Michael Self Cameron Hayley gets the check for winning the pole!
Great picture of David Smith and his wife, Dorine Fournier Kris Barbour almost looking respectable
Michael Self climbs in. Ellie Cesario Polishes the #7 Hooters Thunderbird in Memory Lane
JG 24
K&N West Racer Anthony Giannone gets a hug from Mom before the race Michael Giannone gives his son Anthony a little advice
Anthony's #54 #54 crew at work
Monitoring Anthony Giannone's #54 K&N West ride during a break in practice at Phoenix Michael Giannone lends a hand
K&N West Pro Racer Anthony Giannone Engine cooling system on Greg Pursley's K&N Ride
Gil watches engine builder and tuner Lee Schwartz work his magic on Anthony Giannone's K&N engine Alan Kulwicki's #7 in Memory Lane - The original Polish Victory Lap was done in this car
Anthony Giannone gets post race praise from his spotter Matt Crafton Ellie Cesario & NASCAR artist, Bill Patterson
Ellie on the roof pre-race Memory Lane Driver Appearance Schedule
Ellie & Mike Cesario proudly pose in Memory Lane next to their #7 Alan Kulwicki Hooters Thunderbird Anthony Giannone manages a wry smile post race as he receives condolences from dad, Michael
Memory Lane sign board for the #7 Alan Kulwicki Hooters Thunderbird Alan Kulwicki Hooters #7 Thunderbird in Memory Lane
Sprint Cup Qualifying Cattle Rush Memory Lane Signboard for Alan's Phoenix Winning 1988 #7 Zerex Thunderbird
Proud Custodian of the #7 Hooters Thunderbird, Mike Cesario The Big Guns