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Chronological nascar photos :

Kerry Micks' car Don Thomson Jr.
Chris Fowler D.J. Kennington
Bryan Cathcart CASCAR new super team
CASCAR owner and president Tony Novotny Cole Pearn
D.J. Kennington Dave Whitlock
D.J. Kennington and Chris Fowler Don Thomson Jr.
Don Thomson Jr. Doug Brown
Jeff Lapcevich's car Jim Lapcevich
Kenny Forth Mark Dilley
Media Peter Gibbons
Richard Coughlin and Good Year reps Ron Beauchamp Jr.
Ron Beauchamp Jr. Bryan Cathcart
Scott Steckly Team 3Red
Team 3Red Media and drivers
Tony and Linda Novotny with Molson Indy Bob Singleton Donald Theetge
Chris Fowler Al Turner
Joe Goncalves Joe Goncalves
Scott Steckly Kerry Micks