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Chronological nascar photos :

Track Time's Stock Cars Instruction in the pits
BMW Z3 Roadster Track Time's formula car for road courses
Practice lap On track action
Dave and Phil checking out the pits The Z3's interior
BMW Z3 Roadster Driver changes
Driving school students Preparing to go out
Never too old for a first time experience One-on-one instructions
Just in from a run Learning how to get out of a stock car
Ready for a turn At the fuel pump
Leaving the pits Stock car racing seats
Refueling for the next run Fresh rubber for session two
Students preparing to race First time student climbs in the car
Help with the five points Action in the pits
Interior of a stock car Fuel cell of a stock car
Refueling for the next run Phil helping at the pump
Interior minus the wheel Formula for speed and other teaching tools
Track Time's Instructor Stock car ballet
Any questions? Lessons on passing
The afternoon class Leaving the pits
Phil Schilke going out for a practice lap Phil staying hydrated
Turn 2 at MIS Backstretch
Wheel graffiti Finish line
Turn 1 Coming into the pits
Turn 4 Ready to race