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Race 2, G Production: Dan Huntsman Race 2, G Production: Mark McAllister
Race 2, G Production: Dwight Aldred Race 2, G Production podium: 2001 National Champion Jeff Winter, 2nd Thomas Reichenbach and 3rd Kent Prather
Race 3, Formula 500: Larry Svaton Race 3, Formula 500: Jack Corthell
Race 3, Formula 500: Calvin Stewart Race 3, Formula 500: Ron Hyman
Race 3, Formula 500: Jason Morales and Kenny Price Race 3, Formula 500 podium: National Champion Elivan Goulart, 2nd Jeff Jorgenson and 3rd Calvin Stewart
Race 4, Touring 1: Henry Van Vurst Race 4, Touring 1: Deborah Loth
Race 4, Touring 1: John Heinricy and Kevin Mixon in trouble Race 5, Formula Ford: Shandelle Leonard
Race 5, Formula Ford: Jim Roberts leading the pack Race 5, Formula Ford: Russell Ruedisueli
Race 5, Formula Ford: Harry Sauce Race 5, Formula Ford podium: National Champion Kyle Krisiloff, 2nd Keith Nunes, 3rd Tom Reinsel
Race 7, Formula Vee: Stephen Oseth leading the pack Race 7, Formula Vee: Dennis Wicklein
Race 7, Formula Vee podium: National Champion Brad Stout, 2nd Roger Siebenaler, 3rd Stephen Oseth Race 8, Grand Touring 4: Charles Snider
Race 8, Grand Touring 4: Keith Grant Race 8, Grand Touring 4: John Mills
Race 8, Grand Touring 4 podium: National Champion Jamie Houseman, 2nd Scott Culbertson, 3rd Steven Lisa Race 9, Grand Touring 2: Gus Rosenberg
Race 9, Grand Touring 2: Matthew Salmon Race 9, Grand Touring 2: race action
Race 9, Grand Touring 2: Dick Salem Race 9, Grand Touring 2 podium: National Champion Duane Davis, 2nd David Finch, 3rd Jim Blakewell
Race 10, Touring 2: Jordan Sandridge in trouble Race 10, Touring 2: Bill Baten leading the field
Race 10, Touring 2: some work for the race marshalls Race 10, Touring 2 podium: National Champion Brian Kelm, 2nd Rick Gilhart, 3rd Don Mills