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Jo Siffert, Brian Redman, Porsche 908/02 Mark Donohue, Chuck Parsons, Lola-Cheverolet T70 Mk3B entered by Roger Penske
Denny Hulme, McLaren M8B Chevrolet and Bruce McLaren, McLaren M8B Chevrolet lead the field Jack Brabham, Ford G7A
Jo Siffert, Porsche 917PA Fred Baker, #29 McLaren M6B-Chevrolet, leads Jo Siffert, #2 Porsche 908 Spyder, John Cordts, #55 McLaren M6B-Chevrolet, Ronnie Bucknum, #31 Lola T163-Chevrolet, Tony Dean, #14 Porsche 908 Spyder, Rob Dini, #75 Lola T162-Chevrolet, Johnny Servoz-Gavin, #9 Matra MS650, Oscar Koveleski, #54 McLaren M6B-Chevrolet and Pedro Rodriguez, #40 Matra MS650
Chris Amon, Ferrari 612P Bruce McLaren, McLaren M8B-Chevrolet