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RW Motorsports pair, #17 and #27, driven by Shane Hmiel and Jerry Coons Jr. Carl Edwards - RE Technologies #199 and #991.  Bet the scorers just love the numbers.
Preparing Eric Gordon's Beast Chet Fillip's #77 awaits attention
Chet Fillip works on it himself.  When did you last see an Indy Car driver do that? Tire warmer, just like Formula 1.  Except F1's have power.
Fueling.  Most teams grab a funnel and pour. Some teams hold a meeting to figure it out
Other series just use a hose. Zach Daum is pushed onto pit road
Darek Hagar's rig looks like a small train Ryan Smith's team continues the railroad theme
Chet Fillip is another train master Davey Hamilton's team has a train that would make CXS proud
A.J. Fike
Zach Daum
Brian Tyler, winner this year and 2007
Ryan Smith Bobby East, 2004 winner
Davey Hamilton
Bud Kaeding, 2006 winner
Jay Drake Eric Gordon's beast is surrounded by the team on pit road
They have clutches, but a little push is traditional Davey Hamilton and Levi Jones
RW Motorsports pair: Shane Hmiel and Jerry Coons Jr. Levi Jones is flanked by Josh Wise and Cameron Dodson
Ryan Smith and Jacob Wilson Bud Kaeding, Brian Tyler and Darek Hagar
A.J. Fike, Von McGee and Ryan Smith Jay Drake, Carl Smith, Bud Kaeding and Brian Tyler
Von McGee and Levi Jones Ryan Smith and Jacob Wilson