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Josh Wise rides his car into the pits Darek Hagar rides his car in
Silver Crown cars lined up in the pits A.J. Fike waits for the session to start
Kody Swanson also waits
Ryan Smith's crew waits Ryan Smith
Davey Hamilton
Davey Hamilton, ready to roll Chet Fillip
Darek Hagar Josh Wise
Jay Drake Brian Tyler
Ryan Smith Rodney Weesner
Inside Rodney Weesner's cockpit Jay Drake's crew takes a look at the engine
Derek Hagar Jay Drake
Bud Kaeding Mike Lichty and Cameron Dodson
Davey Hamilton Ryan Smith
Bobby Santos III Brian Tyler
Bobby East and Zach Daum Jacob Wilson
Eric Gordon Levi Jones
Shane Hmiel and Ryan Smith Darek Hagar
Tracy Hines and Darek Hagar Kody Swanson
Bobby East Rodney Weesner
Levi Jones and Jay Drake Tracy Hines
Cameron Dodson Carl Smith
Josh Wise Mike Lichty
Shane Hmiel Zach Daum
A.J. Fike Jerry Coons Jr.