Queensland Improved Production results 2002-04-14

Improved Production Race Report April 13/14, 2002 Clubman Circuit, Queensland Raceway Qualifying Adam Uebergang wrapped up yet another pole position in his Mazda RX7, with a fastest time of 1:00.5113sec. Next was Simon O'Dell-Fontana (Mazda ...

Improved Production Race Report
April 13/14, 2002
Clubman Circuit, Queensland Raceway


Adam Uebergang wrapped up yet another pole position in his Mazda RX7, with a fastest time of 1:00.5113sec. Next was Simon O'Dell-Fontana (Mazda RX7, 1:01.1035sec), who has been shadowing Uebergang all season. In third was somewhat of a surprised, Steve Draheim pulled a 1:01.1454sec out of his Datsun 1200 Coupe. Next was the improving Justin Keys (Mazda RX7, 1:01.3979sec), then Daniel Wilkie (Mazda RX7, 1:01.4294sec), Wilke's team boss David Skillender (Mazda RX7, 1:01.7793sec), Nigel Smeaton (Datsun 1600, 1:02.1266sec), the third Graphic Skills RX7, Peter Johnstone (Mazda RX7), Paul Scott (Mazda RX7, 1:02.1366sec), Warrick Penfold (Mazda RX7, 1:02.7546sec), Mark Thomas (Mazda RX7, 1:02.8046sec), Chris O'Shannessy (Toyota Levin, 1:03.8460sec), Rachel Smeaton (Datsun 1600, 1:04.6528sec), Andrew McLay (Holden Gemini, 1:04.9808sec), Bob Heagerty (Mazda RX5, 1:05.3256sec), Troy Marinelli (Ford Escort, 1:05.3844sec), Carol Jackson (Honda Civic, 1:06.8100sec), Aaron Lawrence (Ford Escort, 1:07.3144sec) and the returning Glenn Zagami (Nissan Stanza, 1:11.3591sec).

Race 1- 8 laps

The start was even, although Nigel Smeaton was somewhat sluggish off the line. With O'Dell-Fontana absent, Uebergang led from Draheim, Wilkie and Keys, with Wilkie into second position by the dipper on the first lap. Heagerty pitted on the first lap, and retired several laps later. Penfold was all over Johnstone in the early stages, while Draheim spun down the pack on the fourth lap, losing seven spots.

Once Draheim got going again, he latched back onto a train of cars consisting of Penfold, Thomas, Johnstone, Nigel Smeaton and Scott. Nigel Smeaton spun at turn four, while McLay, who rolled his Gemini Series car two events early nearly repeated the effort at the turn five ripple strip, after running wide at turn four.

Keys made it past Wilkie on the seventh lap, while Johnstone made it past Penfold, with Thomas all over both of them. Back in the pack, O'Shannessy made it through to 10th, gaining two places since the start, and was gaping Marinelli in the closing laps. At the finish it was Uebergang by 12sec, from Keys, Wilkie, and Johnstone. Trying hard, Penfold ran wide at the final turn, allowing Thomas and Scott past. In eighth was Draheim, then Nigel Smeaton, O'Shannessy, Marinelli, Rachel Smeaton, McLay, Jackson, Lawrence and Zagami.

Race 2- 5 laps

Another even start, although O'Dell-Fontana was back on the track, and he slotted into second after the first turn. Heagerty spun exiting turn two, and while two cars made it past, Marinelli clouted the RX5 with the front of his Escort. Damage was high, but fortunately both cars had cleared the scene by the time the pack came around on the second lap. Apart from Draheim retiring on the third lap, the race was fairly uneventful. Uebergang cruised to an easy 7sec win, form O'Dell-Fontana, Wilkie, Keys, Johnstone, Penfold, Scott, Thomas, Rachel Smeaton, McLay, O'Shannessy, Jackson, Lawrence and Zagami.

Race 3- 12 laps, State Championship Race

The TAFE team performed a miracle, and Marinelli was back out on the track, albeit with some askew steering. Heagerty was still in the TAFE compound, and would not any further part in proceedings. Uebergang was slow away at the start, which allowed O'Dell-Fontana to lead from Draheim and Wilkie. Uebergang was back threatening Wilkie for third position by the end of the first lap, and soon advanced into second, passing both Wilkie (turn three) and Draheim (turn six).

Johnstone and Penfold were having a good race, as were Lawrence and Jackson back in the pack. O'Shannessy was on a charge, after having trouble off the line again, he made up four spots to be eighth after four laps. Thomas ran wide coming onto the straight, while Wilkie slowed, and retired after three laps.

Uebergang was soon onto O'Dell-Fontana, and made it past on the fourth lap. Rachel Smeaton spun at turn three, as did Zagami. Scott was onto Penfold, but ran wide at turn three and fell back to Thomas. Johnstone was closing in on Draheim, who was running in third position, demonstrating that his qualifying time was no fluke.

Draheim in turn was closing on O'Dell-Fontana, while Lawrence raced closely with Rachel Smeaton. Late in the race, Johnstone was all over Draheim, but fell back after running wide at turn five. At the finish it was another win for Uebergang, extending his unbeaten season. 7sec down the road was O' Dell-Fontana, then Draheim, Johnstone, Penfold, Scott, Thomas, O'Shannessy, McLay, Marinelli, Rachel Smeaton, Jackson, Lawrence and Zagami.

Race 4- 8 laps

Wilkie struggled off the line, and was lucky not to be collected from behind, as he retired to the infield at turn one. Uebergang once again led from O'Dell-Fontana. O'Shannessy once again bogged down at the start, and had to force his way back up the order, and was involved in a good battle with Rachel Smeaton, and Marinelli.

Johnstone forced his way past Thomas, as Zagami slowed. Marinelli dived past McLay at turn five, but McLay made it back by at turn six, as Scott harassed Penfold. Uebergang was having a great time in the lead, with his RX7 sideways in most of the corners. Soon Johnstone was to join Penfold and Scott in the battle for fourth position. Draheim was having a lonely race in third position once more.

McLay was now all over Rachel Smeaton, while O'Shannessy was running away from them in eighth. Johnstone made it past Scott, and then Penfold coming onto the straight. Thomas ran wide at turn five on the last lap, while Uebergang was very sideways coming onto the main straight for the final time, and cruised to a 2sec win from O'Dell-Fontana. Draheim came home in third, from Penfold, who dived under Johnstone at the final corner. Scott finished sixth, form Thomas, O'Shannessy, Rachel Smeaton, McLay, Marinelli, Jackson, Lawrence and Zagami.

Other Notes

Overall Pointscore after 1 round
Adam Uebergang- 140, Peter Johnstone- 102, Warrick Penfold- 98, Paul Scott- 95, Mark Thomas- 93, Simon O'Dell-Fontana- 90, Chris O'Shannessy- 84, Andrew McLay- 81, Steve Draheim- 76, Aaron Lawrence- 74, Glenn Zagami- 70, Troy Marinelli- 59, Justin Keys- 56, Daniel Wilkie- 54, Nigel Smeaton- 21, David Skillender- 0, Bob Heagerty- 0.

Class Pointscores after 1 round
Class A- Steve Draheim- 106.
Class B- Adam Uebergang- 141, Peter Johnstone- 104, Warrick Penfold- 100, Paul Scott- 97, Mark Thomas- 95, Simon O'Dell-Fontana- 90, Justin Keys- 56, Daniel Wilkie- 54, Nigel Smeaton- 22, Bob Heagerty- 0, David Skillender- 0.
Class C- Andrew McLay- 136, Glenn Zagami- 111, Troy Marinelli- 95.
Class D- Chris O'Shannessy- 141, Aaron Lawrence- 120.

Unofficial CAMS Pointscore after 2 rounds
Adam Uebergang- 19, Simon O'Dell-Fontana- 13, Warrick Penfold- 6, Steve Draheim- 4, Peter Johnstone- 3, Mark Thomas- 3, Stephen Clements- 2, Paul Scott- 2.

Fastest Laps this year on the Clubman Circuit (includes all qualifying and racing laps)
1:00.35sec- Outright- Adam Uebergang, Race 2, April 13/14
1:03.8460sec- Under 2 Litre- Chris O'Shannessy, Qualifying, April 13/14

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