Bathurst 12: Wilson Brothers qualifying report

WILSON BROTHERS RACING MEDIA- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 21 FEBRUARY 2008 Something to Prove in the Bathurst 12 Hour A blow by blow commentary of events will be posted on the Wilson Brothers Racing website tomorrow. Also, if you are at the track,...


Something to Prove in the Bathurst 12 Hour

A blow by blow commentary of events will be posted on the Wilson Brothers Racing website tomorrow. Also, if you are at the track, check out the photo competition details on the website.

Wilson Brothers Racing's massive three car effort is shaping up for a big WPS Bathurst 12 Hour tomorrow, with their team of Subaru WRX Stis.

An issue regarding the fuel supply on cars 25 and 26 was fixed after the morning practice session, however the car was out of tune and down on top end horsepower in qualifying.

A new tune will be applied to both cars, which will see them significantly faster for the race tomorrow.

The other team car, number 22, has continued its strong run over the weekend, with all three drivers dialing into the circuit and the car.

Craig Baird's qualifying lap time was still quick enough to be the fastest Subaru entered in the race.

In 2008, both of Wilson Brothers Racing's Subarus finished in the top ten.

The WPS Bathurst 12 Hour kicks off with a safety car start at 6:30am tomorrow morning.

Team Principal Cameron Wilson

"It's a shame that we had the problem today for the 25 and 26 cars, but the 22 car is flying," said Wilson.

"We have fixed the fuel pick up problem from the morning practice session, but in qualifying the cars were down on horsepower.

"After we fixed the fuel feed issue, there is much more fuel being delivered to the engine, meaning a retune is in order.

"The team will do a thorough rebuild of the cars tonight, and should be sweet for the race tomorrow.

"We know the drivers will be able to come up to speed in the race, 12 hours is a very long time around Bathurst, so we are really looking forward to it, where we can show our true pace.

Car 25- Qualified 20th, 2:36.6325sec
Craig Baird/Lee Castle/Rodney Forbes

Baird had his first decent hit out in the car during qualifying, and instantly set a respectable time.

Baird knows that there is more time in himself, and more time in the car with more top end grunt.

Forbes has been around the mountain many times in the past, and will be right on the money.

Castle will take on the starting duties for the race.

Craig Baird

"Obviously the team is working hard after a few issues early in the day, and they will have a long night to make sure the car is right for tomorrow," said Baird.

"I'm looking forward to the race tomorrow, Lee and Rodney will go well around here given a bit more time in the car.

Lee Castle

"Unfortunately after we fixed the fuel feed problem, we were down on horsepower, but once that is fixed, we'll be looking good," said Castle.

"It's good to finally get some track time over the top of the mountain, and to be close to Bairdy straight away feels good.

"I'm happy to be in the car for the start, and I'm looking forward to how the day pans out.

"Having compared data with Craig and the cars from last year, I know where we can make some big gains."

Car 22- Qualified 27th, 2:39.1781sec
David Wood/Chris Delfsma/Gary Tierney

Queenslander Dave Wood has led the charge on the time sheets in his Bathurst and WRX debut, coming to grips quickly with the demanding circuit.

Delfsma and Teirney both made significant gains on their lap times today, with much more to come tomorrow.

Wood will be behind the wheel for the green flag in the morning.

David Wood

"The car feels very strong, obviously we don't have the pace of the EVOs, but we have a good reliable car," said Wood.

"There was a lot of dirt on the track at the Chase at the start of the qualifying session when we had good tyres, but it's hard to use that as an excuse.

"We're really looking forward to the race and moving forward through the pack."

Chris Delfsma

"The car's great, no issues at all," said Delfsma.

"I was pushing much harder through McPhillamy Park that time, in previous sessions I was just drifting through in fifth gear, but in qualifying I was on the gas, and it was much faster.

"I also found a bit of brake pedal that I didn't know existed, so it was much stronger under brakes, and that helped with the lap times.

"That long session was really good practice for the race tomorrow."

Car 26- Qualified 31st, 2:41.0806sec
Dean Grant/Max Twigg/Paul Kelly

Also suffering a loss of top end horsepower in qualifying, 'Team Porsche' will no doubt improve their lap times and move up the order early.

Twigg has been doing double duty this weekend, racing in the GT3 Challenge, including a storming drive through to third after starting rear of grid this morning.

Bathurst rookie Kelly will do the first stint in the car.

Dean Grant

"We are missing a bit of top end horsepower, and when we find that horsepower, we will be right at the front," said Grant.

"Given some more laps around here we will all go a lot better, and we are all experienced in endurance racing, so we know how to drive to the finish."

Wilson Brothers Racing is proudly supported by Castrol, Ingear Industries, Mercury Motorsport, EcuTeK, MRT, Racer Industries, Queensland Raceways, Subi Evolution, Dunlop Tyres, Harris Visual 3D, Deluxe Screenprinting, Espresso to Go and contactingdesign.

For the WPS Bathurst 12 Hour, Wilson Brothers Racing is supported by L'Oreal Paris Men Expert, MPD Dairy Products, Urban Pest Management, Darskide Custom Tinting and Century 21 Hazelbrook.


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