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Chronological BTCC photos :

btcc-2001-kh-tm-0101 btcc-2001-kh-tm-0102
btcc-2001-kh-tm-0103 btcc-2001-kh-tm-0104
btcc-2001-kh-tm-0105 Dan Eaves
Tom Chilton James Thompson
Yvan Muller
Gareth Howell The start: Warren Hugues leading the field
Gareth Howell Accident between Yvan Muller and James Thompson
James Thompson Safety car out on the track
Paul O'Neill Yvan Muller
Andy Priaulx Yvan Muller
Yvan Muller Tim Harvey
Yvan Muller Close racing
Phil Bennett Andy Priaulx
Yvan Muller James Thompson
The start: Anthony Reid leading the field James Thompson
Aaron Slight Anthony Reid
James Thompson Carl Breeze
Anthony Reid Close racing
The start of the second race James Thompson
Dan Eaves Mark Thomas
Yvan Muller The accident between Tom Chilton and David Leslie
Anthony Reid David Leslie
Yvan Muller A Honda