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Free Practice Driver Quotes Fabrizio Gollin -- BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari 550 Maranello : "Luca Cappellari has a business commitment this weekend and if I drove, and even if I scored just one point, I would take the Championship. That would not...

Free Practice Driver Quotes

Fabrizio Gollin -- BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari 550 Maranello : "Luca Cappellari has a business commitment this weekend and if I drove, and even if I scored just one point, I would take the Championship. That would not be good : Luca and I are good friends, and we have been racing together for three years. He has helped me a lot in GT racing, so I want to win the Championship with Luca, not to win it alone. For this race I will be watching other drivers in my car -- it is very difficult for me, because it is still my car and it hurts me to see someone else driving it."

Gabriele Gardel -- nr 1 BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari 550 Maranello : "I am moderately happy. Our times are quite fast, we are working for qualifying but we have a good race pace too. In Dubai, everything was perfect, all weekend. To expect the same thing here is too much to ask, but things seem to be going well."

Thomas Biagi -- nr 3 Care Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello : "On Saturday, in Milan, I took part in a charity go-kart race with lots of GT drivers. In the night, I hit a kart in the dark, full throttle. I hurt my hand; I thought I would be all right to drive, but I can't change gear. It is really bad luck as I was looking forward to the race, and Lilian and Enzo are fighting for third in the Championship. But these things happen -- I will be back and stronger than before !"

Walter Lechner Jr -- nr 4 Konrad Motorsport Saleen S7 : "In the morning it was OK. It was the same for everyone, we had no data, no information, so we had to work on making the car better for the race on Sunday. But it worked quite well; Alex did most of the driving and he was 5th fastest in the morning; and we are not far off the pace. In the afternoon the main shaft to the gearbox broke and we lost the session, which is very frustrating."

Uwe Alzen -- nr 5 Vitaphone Saleen S7 : "On the first lap this morning the rear axle locked and I went into the gravel, so we lost time in the pits cleaning it."

Mike Newton -- nr 7 RML Saleen S7 : "Tommy went out at the end of the day and did a run on fresher tyres, and set the 7th fastest time which was good. I was pleased that I improved my times too, and I am well within the margin I like from Tommy's times. I had a minor trip into the gravel, as I think a lot of people did, but it did not cause too much of a problem. Generally I' m pleased with the day."

Philipp Peter -- nr 13 GPC Giesse Squadra Corse Ferrari 575 M Maranello : "It 's OK. We are still trying to figure out our set-up. The car still has some small things to be adjusted but it's looking good. I like the circuit, but I think it's going to be a tough race. You're accelerating and braking hard all the time, so it is hard for the cars and for the drivers. The circuit is not that long or wide, and there are a lot of cars - which is great for the Championship but means it is going to be difficult to get a clear lap in qualifying !"

Jean-Denis Deletraz -- nr 26 DAMS Lamborghini Murcielago : "For the first time, we were able to run throughout the day without any technical problems, and we have accumulated a lot of information in order to work tomorrow. We were 1.8 behind the leaders this morning, and we would like to get within 1.5 seconds tomorrow in qualifying, which would put us in a good qualifying position. We would really like to finish the race in the points on Sunday, to finish the season on a good note."

Paolo Ruberti -- nr 28 Graham Nash Motorsport Saleen S7 : "We had a problem in the morning with the clutch. When you released it, the wheels locked. So after ten minutes we stopped to change the clutch. But the car was fast early on and we hope for a good result in qualifying tomorrow."

Mika Salo -- nr 33 AF Corse Maserati MC 12: "The Pirelli tyres have been very good today. The set up we have chosen is perfect, so tomorrow we would like to repeat our result. I'm very happy to race here in China: I like the circuit. I raced in Hong Kong fifteen years ago, and it was time to go back to China."

Johnny Herbert -- nr 34 AF Corse Maserati MC 12: "We worked on the set up and tyres today, and everything seems to be handling better. We still have a few minor things to check tomorrow but I am very happy; I was progressing lap by lap. The circuit is heavy on braking, and the last corner is this circuit's most difficult point."

Stephane Ortelli -- nr 50 Freisinger Yukos Porsche 996 GT3-RS : "Emmanuel set the best time in the afternoon; however, we have had many problems on the car, with the electrics and the gearbox; the nr 99 car had problems too. The track is not very complicated to learn. To take the title, we need to finish third if Maassen and Luhr win, fourth if they are second. But Marc [Lieb] is going well in the nr 88 car, and the Ferrari is fast too; it will be a tough race. We've always finished on the podium so far. We'll see !"

Jaime Melo - nr 62 GPC Giesse Squadra Corse Ferrari 360 Modena : "It's going well. It could have been even better if I hadn't gone into the gravel. We tried some different things for the race and the car looks good and constant. I think we can fight for the win. We are working for the race, which is the most important thing for us -- we're on the pace. We did some changes and I did just one lap at the end, and went second-fastest, so things are looking good."

Matthew Marsh -- nr 64 GPC Giesse Squadra Corse Ferrari 360 Modena : "I'm really enjoying it -- I'm getting used to the car now, and Charles Kwan and I are setting very close times. The car is great; the brakes are unbelievable ! It's fantastic to be a part of this team with drivers like Naspetti and Morbidelli."

Marc Lieb -- nr 88 Gruppe M Porsche 996 GT3 : "The car is all right; we are still getting used to the new big Dunlop tyres that the team is using for just the second time. In the morning we had a few problems, but it was better in the afternoon. The car is not where we want it yet. We have a lot of work to do, but we hope it will be there for qualifying. The good thing is that we had a car for free practice, so that is 100% better than Dubai. Our goal for this weekend is be on the podium. It's a good team, with good people, and I'm really enjoying it a lot."

Ben Collins -- nr 85 RJN Motorsport Nissan 350 Z : "We're getting there. This is the first competitive run since Spa, and the car is quite a bit heavier than it should be, which makes quite a big difference in the straights. But the braking is good, as is the handling, we are just slower on the straights. We're just getting on with things and learning a lot about the car. The car has plenty of potential. I'm enjoying it -- although it's not that nice being at the back after being used to going past everyone in a prototype -- but it's fun to drive, RJN are a good team and it's good to be working with them. I drove a Porsche in the FIA GT Championship back in Spa 1997 --it's nice to be back in GTs and hope to continue next year."

Lucas Luhr -- nr 99 Freisinger Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS : "It's my first time here in China. The track is nice and quite easy to learn, the car is good, and it is not as hot as in Dubai. We'll see how it goes. For my part, I would like to win this race; we have had a good season, we've won six races, which is more than everyone else. As far as the title goes, it will be difficult, but it's not over yet -- we'll see on Sunday."


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