Tomas Enge tests positive for banned substance

Laurent Mercier/Endurance-Info, translation by Rainier Ehrhardt

After the World GT1 championship meeting at Navarra, Tomas Enge submitted to an anti-doping test that turned up a positive result. The Lamborghini Gallardo/Reiter Engineering driver is therefore suspended of all sporting activity until the matter is closed.

“I’m in a state of shock,” confided the Czech. “Ten years after I tested positive for marijuana just as I was in contention for the Formula 3000 championship, I’m more careful than ever and actually a little paranoid. As a result I pay attention to everything. I received a message that I tested positive for a banned substance after the Spanish round of the World GT1 championship. It’s a shock for me. I have long term health problems and I recently asked the FIA for an exemption so that I could take medicines that are on the list of banned substances. I’m now going to consult with experts to see how this situation will evolve. I ask people to understand and I’ll give more information as soon as the doctors come to a decision. My conscience is clear in saying that there is no THC substance in there.”

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