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German Stefan Mucke fifth at season opening of the FIA GT1 World Championship at Abu Dhabi - The Berlin: "Podium placing has been clearly possible"

At the season opening of the FIA GT1 championship at the United Arab Emirates the German sports car pilot Stefan Mucke had a racing weekend full with ups and downs. "The important thing in the end has been the points we scored", tells the 29 year old Berlin, who shared the cockpit of the DBR as Aston Martin works driver with the British Darren Turner for the Team Young Driver AMR (Paderborn). The Duo has been on position five at the one hour Championship Race on Saturday evening (26th of March) at the track Yas Marina at Abu Dhabi.

Stefan Mucke started on position 15 into the race and made his way up front already in the first lap through the high class driver's field. Position eight was the earning. On position seven he assigned the car to Darren Turner at half time, who finished the race on five. "Altogether the placing is alright if you mind our start position. That has at least been something at this troubled racing weekend, because a podium placing has been clearly possible."

Although everything looked good for the Berlin at first, because he scored fastest lap time at the free training and the second place at the time training. Actually Stefan Mucke could celebrate his first pole position at the GT1 championship because of the reset of five positions of a Lamborghini that has been in front of him. That's what Darren Turner used at the start of the Qualifying Race on Saturday morning and drove at the front of the field. He assigned the car to Stefan Mucke at half time on that first position as well. But when the Berlin came out of the pit lane the race has been already over for him after the first curve because of a malfunction at the left front wheel. Then he made his way back to the pit lane, but very slow.

After that there's been the catch up race at the Championship Race. "I had to risk a lot after a good start, but everything turned out well fortunately", tells Stefan Mucke. "Certainly it is kind of sad if you are in between the best three drivers at the training sessions and in the end you don't even see the podium." But he is already looking forward to Belgium, where the races 3 and 4 of the GT1 World Championship are scheduled for the 9th and 10th of April at Zolder. "That is where we will attack again."

-source: stefan mucke PR

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