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First in GT1 - Michael Bartels, nr 1 Vitaphone Racing Team Maserati MC 12: "Sitting here with this trophy in front of me, I went through a couple of the names, and for Andrea and I to join them on this trophy for the future is a great honour. It...

First in GT1 - Michael Bartels, nr 1 Vitaphone Racing Team Maserati MC 12:

"Sitting here with this trophy in front of me, I went through a couple of the names, and for Andrea and I to join them on this trophy for the future is a great honour. It was also a great honour to have the Trophy presented by Sir Stirling Moss. It has made all of us proud! It was a difficult start to the weekend, with a lot of weather changes, so a lot of set up changes. We believed in our strategy, we worked all week-end very hard to have a consistent car. We have to give a big thank you to Pirelli, they were a key factor in winning the race today, especially in the beginning when Andrea drove with intermediate tyres. Under difficult conditions, the tyres worked really well. In the end we had the possibility to come through without another tyre change, which was finally the key for the victory. The race was under control in the end, I was not taking a lot of risk. It is a great victory for Maserati, Pirelli and the team Vitaphone. It is a good start for us in this 2006 Championship; it is a shame that our second car is not on the podium, they did the same speed but they did little mistakes during the race. This year the competition is much harder, the level of the performance, the level of the drivers and the level of the teams are higher. This Championship came in a new dimension."

First in GT1 - Andrea Bertolini, nr 1 Vitaphone Racing Team Maserati MC 12:

" It is very special for me to win my first race with the team Vitaphone. This season is going to be difficult because about ten cars are able to win. We were maybe not the most efficient car, but we had the best strategy and the best tyres, because as we knew before, the intermediate Pirelli Tyres are incredible."

Second in GT1 - Jarek Janis, nr 9 Zakspeed Racing Saleen S7 R:

"After the start we had little problem because we started on intermediate tyres, but it takes four or five laps before the Michelin tyres work well. When the track was getting drier, I was able to come back to the front. Then we decided to stay on track because our times were quite good. Then we came in, we had a good pit stop and Sascha Bert did a really good job, with no mistakes. When I went back in the car I hit a piece of rubber, this was my critical moment, because I went on the gravel, I had to slow down and I lost about 10 seconds. That maybe cost us the victory. But we are happy to finish second, quite close to the winner. I have to thanks the team for its great job. The Saleen has made a big step towards the front and we are looking forward for the next race. In Brno it is going to be my home race, where we always try to have the best result."

Second in GT1 - Sascha Bert nr 9 Zakspeed Racing Saleen S7 R:

"For of all I'm very happy to finish in such a position for my first race in the FIA GT Championship, and I have to thanks Mr Zakowski for giving me the opportunity to be here with the Zakspeed Racing team. I stopped my career for three years, and now I have a big chance to show what I can do. The car was really well prepared, we worked well during the winter time, and also the Michelin tyres are working really well. It is a brilliant team, and it is great to be here for this first race."

Third in GT1 - Fabio Babini, nr 23 Aston Martin Racing BMS Aston Martin DBR9:

"I am very happy with this result, because since Friday it was not perfect. But today it is a very good result for BMS and Aston Martin because my start was not so good, and I lost time behind another car for few laps, than I was able to overtake them. Fabrizio Gollin was perfect and pushed very hard in the last hour. This result is important for the Championship."

Third in GT1 - Fabrizio Gollin, nr 23 Aston Martin Racing BMS Aston Martin DBR9:

"I saw the Tourist Trophy just now. If I had seen it beforehand, I would have pushed much more! I'm happy to be here, and happy to start for the podium. This season will be hard, it is a totally different Championship since 2004, when I won the title. But with a podium on our first race, and to be first of the Aston Martins, is very important for the first race with this car for our team. We want to do a great Championship, so it is a good start."

First in GT2 - Matteo Bobbi, nr 58 AF Corse Ferrari 430 GT2:

"It is the first race for this team with this new car, so we are happy with the result for Ferrari, AF Corse and Pirelli. It is a pleasure to share the car with a driver like Jaime Melo. The race was really tough because I was asked by my team to save the fuel, and I had a flat spot on my front tyre on my first lap, so I had a lot of vibrations. When Mika came up to me, I let him go and tried to go to the end. The season will be tough, so we'll see."

First in GT2 - Jaime Melo, nr 58 AF Corse Ferrari 430 GT2:

"For me it is fantastic to win the race. The wet conditions with intermediate tyres was not easy; I had too much oversteer. But when we put slick tyres on, it was perfect, I could do what I wanted. We have to thank AF Corse and Pirelli for their perfect job. We will have a very competitive championship."

Second in GT2 - Emmanuel Collard, nr 75 Ebimotors Porsche 996 GT3 RSR:

"This result is a very good surprise because we were quite far away during the winter test and since the beginning of the week-end. But this race was a bit special, because we started on a wet track. The intermediate tyres were the good choice. The car was quick and consistent, but we lost the race during the last pit stop when we had a problem with a wheel. For sure we are competitive, even if it is going to be difficult for us."

Second in GT2 - Luca Ricitelli, nr 75 Ebimotors Porsche 996 GT3 RSR: "I'm happy about the result because it was a difficult week-end for us, but the car is really good when the weather is like that. We can be very fast in wet conditions, it is going to be more difficult on the dry."

Third in GT2 - Mika Salo, nr 59 AF Corse Ferrari 430 GT2:

"We made an extra pit stop, but in fact we had a little problem with our fuel light that came on, but we realised that after our last pit stop it was on again! So I think that in fact we could have gone until the finish without that extra stop. We have both cars on the podium, so it is a good start of the season for Ferrari and AF Corse. Racing in GT2 is pleasant because there are a lot of fast cars, and the competition is great."

Third in GT2 - Rui Aguas, nr 59 AF Corse Ferrari 430 GT2:

"All was OK, of course I'm happy of the result for my first race in this Championship. As Mika say, we lost the race for a little mistake with the fuel light. We are satisfied to be on the podium, and it is a pleasure to race with such a driver as Mika."

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