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Sumo Power GT ends a successful weekend third in the Teams' Championship After a great start from Pole Position in today's Championship Race, Peter Dumbreck driving Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R number 23, led until the pit-stop, when a problem ...

Sumo Power GT ends a successful weekend third in the Teams' Championship

After a great start from Pole Position in today's Championship Race, Peter Dumbreck driving Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R number 23, led until the pit-stop, when a problem fitting one of the wheels cost him and Michael Krumm - who drove the second stint - 16 seconds. The delay dropped them back to ninth place, but Krumm fought back to finish a credible fourth.

It was not car 22's day, when Jamie Campbell-Walter was hit from behind in the first corner and had to retire with bent steering. However, the team was pleased to come away from what has ultimately been a successful weekend, having moved up to third in the Teams' Championship standings.

Following their resounding victory in yesterday's Qualifying Race, Dumbreck and Krumm started today's Championship Race - round seven on the FIA GT1 World Championship - in Pole Position, the first time a Sumo Power GT Nissan has occupied the top spot on the grid. Campbell-Walter and Hughes were also well positioned in ninth place, having climbed 13 places in yesterday's race.

Happy with the performance of its two Nissan GT-Rs, the team was optimistic that it would see car 22 join car 23 at the front of the field, but just a few seconds after the start, it became apparent this wasn't going to happen. As the pack exited the down-hill right-hander of turn-one, Campbell-Walter was hit from behind, the impact shunting his Nissan into another car alongside him.

The force of the contact tore the front wing off the Nissan, but more importantly, bent the car's steering and Campbell-Walter had no choice but to limp round the rest of the lap before pulling into the pits. It was an underserved end to the weekend for him and Warren Hughes, who was consequently denied the chance to drive in today's race.

Dumbreck, on the other hand, had made the most of his Pole Position start and led the field through turn-one, pulling out a lead of nearly a second from the Maserati of Andrea Bertolini by the time he crossed the line at the end of the first lap. Concentrating on taking advantage of a clear track ahead of him, whilst looking after his tyres, Dumbreck managed the gap between him and Bertolini thoughout the first stint and, after another flawless drive, came into the pits for the compulsory half-time pit-stop to swap with Michael Krumm and change onto a fresh set of tyres.

With a 25-second stop yesterday, the team were confident that if they could repeat this impressive time to change all four-tyres, then Krumm would be able to get back on the track in the lead. However, as the final wheel nut was about to be fitted, something went wrong with the air-gun and an agonizing 16 seconds were lost before the retaining nut was finally secured.

This unsuspected delay meant that when Krumm came out of the pits, he rejoined in ninth place. Determined to make up as many places as possible during the second half of the race, he overtook two cars on his out-lap and then proceeded to catch and pass another three before the end of the race.

Following the success of yesterday's Qualifying Race, it was not the result the team was hoping for today, but it was pleased that enough points were scored to put Sumo Power GT third the Team's Championship standings with three rounds still to go, then next being at the new Navarra circuit in Spain on 23rd & 24th October.

Team quotes

Peter Dumbreck - Driver Car 23
"Starting from Pole, I wanted to do the best job I possibly could to hand over to Michael with a good lead. I was pleased that with the car handling like it was and, with a clear track, I was able to set the fastest lap in the first stint. It's just a shame that we had the problem in the pits as I think we could have won again."

Michael Krumm - Driver Car 23
"I tried as hard as I could to make up as many places as possible. Had I got out of the pits in front I am sure I could have held on to first place. Yesterday everything was perfect and we won. Today it wasn't and we didn't. But I don't think fourth is too bad, considering how much time we lost in the pits."

Jamie Campbell-Walter - Driver Car 22
"I don't know who it was that hit me, but it's the second time I've been taken out this season in a first-corner incident. After the subject of poor driving standards was raised in the driver's briefing at the start of the weekend, I was surprised that this still happened. It was not the end to the weekend we were expecting."

Warren Hughes - Driver Car 22
"It was a disappointing end to such a promising run in the first race. We knew the car was good and I really think we could have scored a podium finish if things had been different today."

Nigel Stepney - Team Manager
"Both cars were working well today so everything was looking good before the start of the race. Peter and Michael did another perfect job and it was just a freak problem during the pit-stop that stopped them from potentially getting another win. I'm also disappointed for Jamie and Warren, as it would have been interesting to see their progress through the field. However, all things considered, it's been a good weekend for us."

James Rumsey - Team Principal
"There was nothing we could do about the outcome of today's race. Given the same circumstances, we would not have done anything differently. We didn't expect the problem with the air-gun or to have one of our cars taken out in the first corner, but even so, I am very pleased that we have been able to score enough points this weekend to put us third in the Team's Championship"

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