Miami Pit Notes Sunday




EMMANUEL CLERICO (#21 Belmondo Racing Viper, overall winner) -- It was a very hard race. The car was very good from the beginning, so I decided to push. I was pushing as hard as I could. I said this is our chance I have to push to the maximum. The team did a great job. The Viper was ahead of us before, but I went out of the pits ahead of it. The Dunlop tires were fantastic, but I knew I couldn't push too hard for the first four laps or I would ruin the tires. I tried to keep him three or four seconds behind.

PAUL BELMONDO (No. 21 Belmondo Racing Viper, overall winner) -- We won the first race of the French championship at the beginning of the year. That was good but to win in the FIA GT Championship against all the other Vipers is something better.

KARL WENDLINGER (No. 1 Oreca Viper, second place, clinched co-championship with teammate Olivier Beretta) -- It feels good, because if you take part in a championship, your goal is to win it. If you can do it with two races to go, that's even better. We were lucky at the end because we were supposed to finish third, but our teammates ran out of fuel. The race went well from the beginning of the race until we had the puncture. It wasn't a slow puncture, it was something that happened very quickly on the main straight and I had to do the whole lap very slowly. I lost nearly one lap again with out problem in the pits, so I didn't really believe that we could manage to win the championship here.

This is the second important title, so obviously I feel very happy. Karl did a superb job, but when I see the tire puncture. No one could find me, but I heard it on the PA system so I ran to the pits. We made up the lost time, but we lost so much time on the red light. I pushed, and thought it would be good if we could finish tried. I'm very happy to win the championship. I was only thinking that we could finish on the podium to get some points for the podium.

VINCENT VOSSE -- (#18 Chamberlain Viper, third place) -- I feel very happy for the team. It's my first time with them and they've done a great job.

XAVIER POMPIDOU (#18 Chamberlain Viper, third place) -- It's only my second race in a GT car and my first race in a Viper, so I'm very happy.

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