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FIA GT Championship - Round 3 -Magny Cours Driver Quotes Stefano Livio - nr 3 Care Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello : "When I was in the car this morning, I was third fastest. The situation changed afterwards, as the track was changing all the time.

FIA GT Championship - Round 3 -Magny Cours
Driver Quotes

Stefano Livio - nr 3 Care Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello : "When I was in the car this morning, I was third fastest. The situation changed afterwards, as the track was changing all the time. I was out on intermediate tyres, and it was going very well, but after three or four laps, it was time to go onto slicks. However, the car is running very well."

Walter Lechner - nr 4 Konrad Motorsport Saleen S7 : "We tried some different tyres and set-ups today. Michael (Bartels) went out with new tyres at the end and did a better time, but that does not bother me, because qualifying is tomorrow ! When I went out with new tyres, there was oil on the track, and so I had to come in and missed their peak. But I am still very happy with both sessions. We have to work towards finishing the race. There is no point being fastest throughout if we do not manage to get to the end."

Michael Bartels - nr 5 Vitaphone Racing Team Saleen S7 : "Once again we were fastest in practice, but so far this year we have not had such a nice ending to the weekend. We are always one of the fastest cars on the track. We are working very hard on the car and the set-up. Uwe and I are still learning about the Saleen S7, which is very different from the sort of cars we were used to driving before. But our main goal is to finish the race, without any trouble. If we run normal speeds through to the end of the race without any problems, we should be in a good position. Both sessions, with both wet and intermediate tyres in the wet conditions, and then with slicks in the dry, we were competitive. We are looking for the front row in qualifying tomorrow, and then we will keep our fingers crossed, and work hard to win the race."

Chris Goodwin - nr 8 RML Saleen S7 : "We are continuing our steady progress, and we are definitely on course. Even if we are lacking a bit in pace at the moment, I think we are a relatively even driver pairing. We were fourth quickest this morning, which is good. This afternoon was the first opportunity I have had to do some real testing in the dry. It's a lot more enjoyable when you can see you are getting somewhere. This circuit is quite enjoyable when you have power and downforce, with the fast chicanes and the first two corners. The last time I was here was for a 24-hour test in the McLaren F1 GTR cars back in 1997."

Klaus Abbelen - nr 9 Zwaan's Racing Chrysler Viper GTS-R : "The car went quite well today, but it should be better for qualifying tomorrow. We changed the line-up so that Henrik Roos is now driving the car he drove in 2003, which he is more familiar with. We knew that we would be fast in the wet, and we really hope it will carry on raining all weekend."

Emanuele Naspetti - nr 13 GPC Giesse Ferrari 575 M Maranello : "We worked on the anti-roll bar today, testing some things for the first time. It was pretty good for the front of the car, but we could not balance the car at the rear, so we think we need to go back to the standard settings, as used by the nr 11 car. We think we have found something positive, but we need to work more on it. So this was more of a test session than a practice for us. But as for the rest of the weekend - anything can happen in these conditions and we will have to see."

Karl Wendlinger - nr 17 JMB Racing Ferrari 575 M Maranello : "The day has gone well. This morning we were quite competitive with rain tyres and with intermediates, then it dried up, but towards the end we could not drive any more because there was a wrong signal from the engine oil pressure. So they asked us to stop until they found the problem, and by then it was too late. This afternoon it started well. I wanted to do tyre comparisons, and I did a time with the first set. The second set was faster, but I found traffic on the first lap, and oil on the second, and then I came in and we changed driver so that all of us can get the mileage. But I think on a normal, good lap we are where we should be. The car is improving, but we are also improving. We had no experience in the car before Monza, and then we went out very early in the race. In Valencia it was half wet, half dry, which doesn't help. But now we are all in better shape."

Jamie Campbell-Walter - nr 27 Creation Autosportif Lister Storm : "The second session was good. We tried two different sets of tyres before the rain came, and clocked a good time on the second set, which were the type as the ones that we used last year. Jamie (Derbyshire) did around 20 laps and got up to speed. This morning, the bonnet flew off, which was a bit of a shock. But we're getting there, and the times are quite good. I think we can still go a bit faster - I did a 1:37.7 last year, but this is a slightly older and heavier car. We're up at the top of the times, which is the main thing. I've done a lot of laps round here, it's a good track for the car with some quick changes of direction at the chicanes, and the first section with the quick left and right. The Dunlops are also good here, as they have done quite a bit of testing at this circuit."

Paolo Ruberti - nr 28 Graham Nash Motorsport Saleen S7 : "Luca (Pirri Ardizzone) went out in the first practice, and spun the car. There is some damage, so we missed the second session, but I think it should be fine for tomorrow. The car is very different from the one I drove in the FIA ETCC last year. It is great fun to drive, more of a real racing car. I've managed to do some good times, especially in the first qualifying in Monza, and then again in Valencia, when we started from the third row. The Saleen is very good; we have had a few transmission and driveshaft problems, but I think we can manage some good results."

Antonio de Castro - nr 56 AB Motorsport Porsche : "The car is being mended now, after Bruno Barbaro went into the gravel during the second session. It is nice to be back in the Championship, although I have raced at Magny-Cours for five years now, and every time it has rained !"

Mauro Casadei - nr 57 Vonka Racing Porsche 996 GT3 : "I must thank Vonka for giving me the opportunity to race this weekend. It is a very special collaboration, as the Czech Republic will be joining the European Community tomorrow. I raced with Vonka in the Czech GT Championship in Most and Brno last year, when we won both races, and after Valencia they called me up. The car is the former Coca-Cola Porsche from 2001, and it is in very good condition and is running well. But we really hope for rain this weekend."

Lucas Luhr - nr 99 Freisinger Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS : "It's my first time in Magny-Cours, I have never been here before. So this morning I spent some time getting to know the circuit, but obviously the conditions were not ideal. But like everyone we are struggling with the weather, because we could not go through our program that we should have done, and now we have to guess what will happen. The car was fastest this afternoon, but we are still not happy. We will make a number of changes for tomorrow, and obviously we will have to see what happens with the weather."


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