Interlagos: Nissan qualifying race report

A GIANT STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION The Sumo Power GT team's South American mission to take second place in the FIA GT1 World Championship got off to a great start at Interlagos today when Peter Dumbreck and Michael Krumm took second place in ...


The Sumo Power GT team's South American mission to take second place in the FIA GT1 World Championship got off to a great start at Interlagos today when Peter Dumbreck and Michael Krumm took second place in the qualifying race. The second Sumo Power Nissan GT-R of Warren Hughes and Jamie Campbell-Walter took 14th after an early race spin, right behind Swiss Racing Team's Seiji Ara in 13th, with Karl Wendlinger crossing the line in 17th place.

Michael Krumm started the race from fifth place on the grid today but felt the squeeze at turn one and had to back off and settle for seventh. By lap five he was up to fourth and that was the position he held when he pitted to hand over the No.23 Nissan GT-R to his team-mate. Peter Dumbreck got straight down to business and passed a Lamborghini for third and then took second when the No.2 Maserati took a drive-through penalty for a pit stop infringement. Second place in the qualifying race sets Dumbreck and Krumm up for a top finish in tomorrow's championship race, which will be vital for their championship chances.

Max Nilsson had a clean start in the No.4 Swiss Racing Team Nissan GT-R and was in 15th place when the pit window opened. When Seiji Ara joined the race he was in 17th place, with two Nissans and an Aston Martin in front of him. By the end of the race the Japanese driver had passed them all, taking a creditable 13th place, which sets him and Nilsson up for a good race tomorrow.

Warren Hughes was looking forward to a steady climb through the ranks after starting in 12th place today but the driver of the No.22 Sumo Power Nissan GT-R tangled with a Ford GT on lap two and the resulting spin but him back to 22nd place. He recovered to 16th before the pit stop despite being hit hard by a Corvette. Jamie Campbell-Walter then took the Nissan to the chequered flag in 14th place.

The final Nissan GT-R of Karl Wendlinger and Henri Moser finished in 17th after Wendlinger's tyres faded away in the closing laps. The duo has saved some good tyres for tomorrow's championship race though and will be looking to set the record straight when the lights go green tomorrow.


"I started right behind Darren Turner (the race winner) and also got a good getaway but the gap closed up and I was on the inside and had to brake which lost me a couple of places. The Nissan GT-R was running very well and I was able to settle into the race and really get to grips with the track. Luckily for me about four cars crashed in front of me so I gained some positions before the pit stop."

"I would have been happy with fourth place today but when I saw I was catching Dominik (Schwager) I decided to go for it. I got a good run out of the last corner and managed to power by him on the straight and take the position. I'm very happy with this result and I'm ready to go again tomorrow."

"My car was the best it has been all weekend today. We made a small change in the ride height, literally just 1mm. It was a small change that made a big difference. The car was consistent throughout my run and the tyres were good too. I overtook three cars so I am very happy and tomorrow I want points."

"I was following an Aston into turn six. I had a Ford on my outside; I saw him turn in and I tried to get out of it but we made inevitable contact that spun us both around. This pushed me right back and left me with a lot of work to do. It's a shame as a top 10 finish was on the cards today. Tomorrow is going to be a lot of hard work now."

"The car felt good when I got in after the pit stop. I could see the No.22 Nissan GT-R just ahead of me and I decided to follow him and save my tyres, letting him to do all the work. Unfortunately after six laps my rear tyres had really gone off and after that it was very hard to defend. For the last three laps I had no grip at all and ultimately lost a couple of positions. We have some good tyres saved for tomorrow though so I hope we will have a better race."


After meeting some of the amazing children from the Time do Povo charity earlier this week, the Nissan GT1 drivers were delighted when another group arrived at Interlagos today. Michael Krumm was quietly sat at the back of the Sumo Power garage when the children arrived. They spotted his race suit and practically landed on his lap, all at the same time!

"It was a really nice experience to meet the kids today," said Krumm.
"They probably haven't grown up in the best surroundings but they brought a lot of positive energy with them today. They are really enthusiastic and it is great to know that we have some new supporters now. They are fantastic kids, in fact, can I take one home?"

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