Homestead Pit Notes & Quotes 1999-09-25


KARL WENDLINGER ( #1 Chrysler Viper Team Oreca Chrysler Viper GTS-R) – At the beginning of the morning session the rain was still reasonable. I stayed out there and on the last lap more rain was coming, you could feel that it was a lot more slippery than just in the beginning when it was less wet. I think the amount of rain here will make quite a big difference to the circuit. (This is his second pole position of 1999. He was also fastest at Budapest.)

Wedlinger regarding the 1999 Championship – "We have managed to do quite well at most of the races. I feel quite comfortable. Still, we have three races to go and we have to score more points. I will only feel comfortable after the three races. "

JOAO BARBOSA (#39 Mosler Automotive Mosler Intruder GT2 N-GT) – The car is very strong. We had bad luck with the gears. We were unfortunate to not run during the first couple laps when it was not so wet. When I went to the track it was raining a lot. It was difficult and I just had to qualify the car the best I could. The car feels pretty good. I think the car can be very competitive.

NILTON ROSSONI (#36 Barber Dodge Pro Series) – After changes were made to the car, it got there and proved nothing is wrong. I went off the wet track this morning and broke the wing. After repairs I went back out and made two laps during the qualifying session. I could not believe it when they called me on the radio and told me I ran the fastest time. The car felt good and I was able to drive it as fast as it could. I am happy for the rain that canceled the second round of qualifying.

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