Hockenheimring: Saturday qualifying quotes

GT Pole Position : Walter Lechner Jr. - nr 4 Konrad Motorsport Saleen S7 : "The car has been good today. We've been working quite a lot on the set-up. I have to give my thanks to the team, to Franz Konrad - they did a very good job, and the ...

GT Pole Position : Walter Lechner Jr. - nr 4 Konrad Motorsport Saleen S7 : "The car has been good today. We've been working quite a lot on the set-up. I have to give my thanks to the team, to Franz Konrad - they did a very good job, and the engineers worked very well. Also, to our tyre partner Pirelli, who supported us a lot during this weekend. Obviously, I'm very happy to be on pole position. But in the past, our problems always started during the race. I hope we'll be able to finish this time and bring our car over the three hours and the 500 km distance. We'll try and make good pit stops, then maybe we can finish on podium."

N-GT Pole Position : Stephane Ortelli - nr 50 Freisinger Yukos Porsche 996 GT3-RS : "The times are a lot closer than yesterday, in the N-GT category as well as in GT. It's good to be in front here generally! The qualifying has been very exciting! I managed to put in a clear, good lap and tried to use the potential of the car to the maximum. Hockenheim seems to be a good circuit for me. I've won here in 2002 in the Porsche Supercup and before that, I finished second twice on the old circuit. It's good for Porsche as well to be in front of the Ferrari here."

2nd in GT : Michael Bartels - nr 5 Vitaphone Saleen S7 : "The morning session was the closest qualifying of the entire season so far. The times in the afternoon session weren't as good as this morning because the higher track temperatures. I can feel the ballast we have on the car because of our victory in Magny Cours. But I'm quite happy I've been able to set a time quick enough for second position despite the added weight. Actually, I hope we will even have some more ballast after this weekend-- The fact that there are once more two Saleens on the front row shows that we're on the right way, also with our tyres and the development. I'm looking forward to the race. It's going to be hard, for both the car and the driver, if the temperatures stay like this; but we'll try our best to come through. As Walter said, it's important to see the chequered flag."

3rd in GT : Karl Wendlinger - nr 17 JMB Racing Ferrari 575 M Maranello : "I'm happy because the gap between us and the pole position is only nine hundreds of a second. It's never been this close before this season. The car has improved, and we've all improved as well, because we've started to learn the car a lot better. I think we're well prepared for tomorrow. I think we should be able to do consistently good lap times here."

2nd in N-GT : Lucas Luhr - nr 99 Freisinger Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS : "Our second position is not really down to the weight handicap. Obviously, Stephane did a really good lap time. We expected to do a low 1:41 and he did it. I had a little bit of a problem on my fastest lap. I made a mistake and lost some time. Anyway, we decided to do both our laps in the first qualifying. Obviously, our car wasn't as well-prepared as Stephane's car. We were quicker than them in the afternoon session, but by then, we didn't have a set of new tyres left and couldn't beat Stephane's time from the first session. But in the end, while it's always nice to be on pole position, it doesn't really matter in a three-hour race. If the order is reversed after the race tomorrow, I'll be pretty happy--"

3rd in N-GT : Fabrizio de Simone - nr 62 GPC Giesse Ferrari 360 Modena : "We were very close to the Porsches, but not quite close enough. I had to overtake another car on my fast lap, which cost me some valuable time. I think we wouldn't have made it to the first position anyway, but maybe we could have been second. Anyway, I think we need to work well on the car for tomorrow. I think we can be quite consistent. I hope it will be a good race for us, and we'll have a good fight with the Porsches in front of us."

4th in GT : Gabriele Gardel - nr 1 BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari 550 Maranello : "We are happy with fourth; Matteo did a really good lap this morning, and I think we have a good car for the race. This afternoon, we did a long run, and the car was lapping comfortably around 1:39.5. I think it will be tough tomorrow, as everyone is so close. It is good to be involved in such a challenging situation."

10th in GT : Jamie Campbell-Walter - nr 27 Creation Autosportif : "The car was very good yesterday. But we had a power-steering problem in the morning session, and went slower than yesterday. We couldn't fix the problem this morning, but had a spare set of tyres for the afternoon. However, the session was slower and we could not improve as much as I would have wished. I quite like the circuit; it's challenging, with quick corners and technical sections. It's relatively good for our car, and I'm sure we'll go quite well tomorrow."

5th in GT : Wolfgang Kaufmann - nr 28 Graham Nash Motorsport : "Gabriele Lancieri went out on the new tyres and set the time. The car is doing well, the Dunlop tyres are doing well; we have prepared the car for tomorrow, and we are really hoping that with this driver combination, we can do something good tomorrow. We are the leading Dunlop car on the grid, which is great. Tomorrow we will decide who will start the race; I would like to ! I am very happy for the team, for Graham Nash and for Dunlop, and I would really like to thank them for making this possible for me this weekend."

6th in GT : Tommy Erdos - nr 7 RML Saleen S7 : "We had a reasonably good run in first qualifying, I thought, as this circuit is new to both Mike and I. The car is not as competitive as we would have liked it to be, and we had a small problem with the gearbox and couldn't run in second qualifying, so we lost some track time. But we're looking forward to the race and hope to have a good set-up."

7th in GT : Christophe Bouchut - nr 10 Zwaan's Racing Chrysler Viper : "We are quite pleased with our time today. We have changed the shock absorbers since Magny-Cours, and with the help of Moton, I am now able to set up the car as I want. I know some cars have a lot of handicap weight now, but there are still quite a few Ferrari Maranello cars and two Lister Storms behind us, which is a satisfactory result."

8th in GT : Philipp Peter - nr 11 G.P.C Giesse Ferrari 575 M Maranello : "In free practice we were able to be closer to the front, in fourth or fifth position. But then the qualifying was not so good this morning. We used both sets of tyres with a car that was not perfect, and at the end we dropped back to eighth. In the second session I was able to set the car up better. We are a bit under pressure, if you look at JMB but it is not the time to panic, we just have to make small steps, and Pirelli has to help us, then we will see for the race. I'm always confident for the race!"

Fabrizio Gollin and Luca Cappellari - nr 2 BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari 550 Maranello : "The race engine broke yesterday. Now we will have to start tomorrow at the back. Added to the 100 kg penalty weight, this will be very difficult. We lose speed on the straight, acceleration and braking, so it will not be easy. But the race is long. Today, we worked for the race, not for qualifying. But the time is not so bad; under race conditions we should be good. But getting the traffic will be hard, especially the N-GT cars which are fighting for position."

5th in N-GT : Christian Ried - nr 69 Proton Competition Porsche : "We're in Germany, the sun is shining, it's a nice track and the car is going well. Perfect ! To finish on the podium again would be the best possible result." The team had a gear-box problem in the afternoon, but it will be changed for tomorrow's race.


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