GT1: HEXIS AMR signs Clivio Piccione

A few weeks ago, we announced you the signature of the first crew of drivers for the Aston Martin DBR9 ...

A few weeks ago, we announced you the signature of the first crew of drivers for the Aston Martin DBR9 #9: Jean-Denis Deletraz and Frederic Makowiecki. Today, we announce you the signature of a third driver, this time for the DBR9 #10: the Monegasque Clivio Piccione. Here is a reminder of his record, followed by an interview of this new recruit.

How did the signature with HEXIS AMR go?

I met Philippe Dumas (co-owner and team manager of HEXIS AMR) when we heard about the FIA GT1 World Championship a few months ago. We then had in mind to create a common structure to HEXIS AMR and Team Monaco (Clivio Piccione's team). Unfortunately, Team Monaco couldn't gather enough financial means to take part in this new championship, and our project fell through. Despite everything, I kept good relations with Philippe, and I showed my interest in joining HEXIS AMR's structure. We kept in touch over the weeks...

You have only been driving single-seaters until now ...

Yes I have, driving a GT is a first for me! This signature is a big shift and symbolizes a challenge to take up. But I'm serene and in good terms with HEXIS AMR: I trust them and they trust me. I had the chance to meet the whole team during a test day in Ledenon (circuit where HEXIS AMR are based), and I visited their structure. I also attended the Paul Ricard test days, where I could see HEXIS AMR's GT1 run. Today, I'm really proud to be part of the team!

What kind of look do you have on this new FIA GT1 World Championship?

I think this championship has a bright future and that it will certainly become the GTs queen category in the upcoming years. And I count a lot on the success of HEXIS AMR!

Any closing words?

I thank all my partners, the vodka brand White Birch and the watchmaker Horus. And a big thank-you to HEXIS AMR for the trust they give me.

-source: hexis amr

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