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(positions remain provisional in GT) 1st in GT: Uwe Alzen - nr 5 Vitaphone Saleen S7: "We had a lot of troubles in the early part of the weekend, and we had to change the engine overnight, which meant we started from the last position. For me...

(positions remain provisional in GT)

1st in GT: Uwe Alzen - nr 5 Vitaphone Saleen S7: "We had a lot of troubles in the early part of the weekend, and we had to change the engine overnight, which meant we started from the last position. For me it was absolutely great race; we are currently second, we might go to first, I am not sure at the moment. Pirelli made a great, great job - we did one and a half stints on the same tyre, pushing very hard. Thanks to the team and the mechanics; the car was quite good. I had a little brake problem. We had to push very hard at the end, but it was a good result. At the end, Lucas Luhr was too late on the brakes and he hit me in the back, the wishbone was broken. It was not easy to get back to the start and finish straight."

1st in GT: Michael Bartels - nr 5 Vitaphone Saleen S7: "One of our biggest concerns was to come through the traffic at the start. There were a lot of little groups of cars fighting for position, and took great care not to hit anybody or get involved in any big fights. So I tried to get in a position to overtake easily. Then of course we had our strategy, which in the end was the right one. Thanks again to Pirelli, whose tyres were a key point that helped us to follow this strategy. We both did around one and a half hours on one set of tyres. We had a few problems at the end of the race as we used a lot of fuel, but I think the Ferraris were in problems too; if they want to match our speed, I think they need to make another stop. I think we still have an advantage. The team did a great job, we have improved the car again. We were also running with ballast here and the car was still competitive. Now we have a chance to fight for the Championship; the team's motivation is growing and growing. The next race is Spa: we will use all our experience and contacts to get the car to the end of the 24 hours in Spa."

1st in N-GT: Stéphane Ortelli - nr 50 Freisinger Yukos Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS: "It was an amazing fight today. We had to fight against time as we had a gearbox problem this morning, and we had to repair it for the race. We were really struggling. Emmanuel did a fantastic time in the rain yesterday, so we were starting from pole. In the first two laps I had a good fight with Lucas who overtook me in the chicane. Then I was not quite quick enough and I lost a bit of time. Emmanuel did a fine stint, then I was pushing hard in the third stint. I was very pleased with the car. We've been lucky all day - to have the problem in the warm-up and not in the race. It's good to be back in the lead. It's very special for me - I've won three years in a row in Donington, with three different team-mates. It's so great to win here, so I hope to come back next year for the fourth win in a row."

1st in N-GT: Emmanuel Collard - nr 50 Freisinger Yukos Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS: "It was a bit difficult in my stint; a lot of GT cars overtook me, and I lost around five seconds to Sascha. Then I was alone and I could come back to within 15 seconds of him. It's very important to us and for the team to take the lead in the points. The bad thing is that after Spa we will get a lot more ballast - 75 kg."

2nd in GT: Fabio Babini - nr 11 GPC Giesse Squadra Corse: "It's fantastic to be in Donington; my car was great, with very good balance and good set-up with the Pirelli tyres. The only problem was with the fuel; it is fantastic to be in third place."

2nd in GT: Philipp Peter - nr 11 GPC Giesse Squadra Corse:"We were close to a win in Hockenheim, before a puncture, but since then we have been testing. We are not yet where the Saleen is, but we are getting closer. Also Pirelli has done a great job; we were able to double-stint our tyres. Fabio did a great race. I was not so happy with my stint, I seemed to get traffic in all the wrong places. But I tried to keep the car on the track and then we were able to finish third. We are happy with the result, and we have to check on the problems we are having with the fuel; the consumption is not right with what we calculated, and the reserve is not working, which is why Fabio lost 20 or 25 seconds in his stint."

2nd in N-GT: Lucas Luhr - nr 99 Freisinger Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS: "I heard what Uwe said - I cannot really quite agree with his point of view, but if he says I made a mistake, OK; I made a mistake and I apologise for that. I definitely didn't want to destroy anybody's race. But I think it was a misunderstanding. There was no place for me to go. Anyway, I'm sorry and it won't happen again. "

2nd in N-GT: Sascha Maassen - nr 99 Freisinger Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS: " We are in good shape, we are two points behind the leaders, at the end they won and we are second, and I am not really too disappointed."

3rd in GT: Gabriele Gardel - nr 1 BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari 550 Maranello: "It was a really tough race today; we don't have much to say. Matteo did a good start, but he had to make a drive through. His first stint was really good. I was pushing like a devil in my stint; I did 1:29.2 and was one of the fastest on the track. I was going like in qualifying, because I knew Peter was there, and Bartels would come through. And we knew from the start that we would have to do the splash."

3rd in N-GT: Jonathan Cocker - nr 88 Gruppe M Porsche 996 GT3-RS: "I'm very pleased. It's fantastic to have my name to something like this. I didn 't know I would be doing the race until quite late on, so it's quite a surprise to come here and have the whole weekend racing when I thought I'd be at home. The race was fantastic, Tim drove really well and I put in a good stint. The weekend has gone fantastically and there is nothing more I could really ask for. This is the longest time I've ever driven the car for at one time. It was good fun, you get into a rhythm and it flows naturally. But it was nice to get out of the car and have a good breather, as it gets very hot."

3rd in N-GT: Tim Mullen - nr 88 Gruppe M Porsche 996 GT3-RS: "This weekend is the first time I've ever driven a Porsche; I'm more of a Ferrari man. It was very different in a number of ways, but I think I got to grips with it pretty quickly, and it's a great result for the team. We didn't have any problems. The tyres were good in the first half of the stint, then went off a bit in the second. The team was only really set up for this race, as the car was run by a different team in the British GT Championship. We couldn't have hoped for more."

5th in GT: Karl Wendlinger - nr 17 JMB Racing Ferrari 575 M Maranello: "It was an interesting and difficult race; you had to be on the limit throughout the stint, and on the other hand you had to keep an eye on the fuel gauge. The car worked very well. At the end, I had to save fuel so I lost some time, but I preferred to do this than run out."

5th in GT: Jaime Melo - nr 17 JMB Racing Ferrari 575 M Maranello: "It was a very difficult race. Karl did a very good start, and then when I took the car over it was a bit difficult to drive as we left the same tyres on. So I just tried to keep the same lap times and be very consistent. It worked well, so I'm very happy. I would like to thank the whole team.."

8th in GT: Tommy Erdos - nr 7 RML Saleen: "We suffered once again for starting down the grid. I had a bit of contact with a Viper at the start. We could run at a good pace, but we had a problem with the gear shift, which was hard work. Mike got in and had a very good stint, and he did very well. At the end I was pushing hard and doing good times, but we just didn't seem to be able to make up the gap ahead of us. We had the pace this weekend, but we were too far back."

9th in GT: Chris Goodwin - nr 8 RML Saleen: "We ran a slow first stint to try and conserve fuel, but we still had to make an extra stop. We realised half way through the race that it would not work, so I just went flat out at the end, and I was as quick as anybody. I enjoyed the first lap - it was like a touring car race. A lot of effort for not much result."

10th in GT: Stéphane Lemeret - nr 10 Zwaan's Racing Chrysler Viper GTS-R: "My race was good, but we lost a lot of time in the pit stops, and Henrik had a spin. But a stuck wheel in the pits lost the most of the time. I'm feeling at home in the car now, I'm doing similar times to Arjan, and the team is pleased with me. I'm happy - I'm gaining experience. The result might not be there - but we're ready for Spa !"

1st in SPA2: Nigel Greensall - RSR Racing Tuscan "We're thrilled - it's just so nice to be part of it all. The car was perfect, there were no dramas at all. We would have been sixth in the N-GT, which is fantastic. The car went like clockwork - clockwork orange ! We're planning to go to the Spa test and then do the Proximus 24 Hours of Spa."

13th in GT: David Leslie - nr 28 Graham Nash Motorsport Saleen S7-R: "It was much more difficult than expected; we had more understeer than before, which we think was a legacy of going off in the morning. Unfortunately there was not a lot we could do once the race started, but it made things very difficult inside the car. We were hanging on, but we had a problem with the airjacks so we couldn't change the tyres the second time, and then we had a brake problem as the pads had worn out. It took a long time to change them. We finished further down than we expected, but it was enjoyable. We did finish the race, which is good, and I learned a lot. It was great to be back on the other side of the screen !"

14th in GT: Walter Lechner Jr - nr 4 Konrad Motorsport Saleen: "That was a strange race. Toni took the start and I think he was too much under pressure, he made a mistake and spun, which meant we lost nearly a lap. Paul took the second session, and did quite a good job, bringing the car back in one piece. Then I took over, and the car felt good to start with, but after 20 or 25 minutes I had a problem on the rear, so I made a stop for new tyres. It went better, then it started having rear problems again. I couldn't push, and I thought it was better to stop before I had a big problem or a crash, considering where we were. I came in and I think it was the right choice."

15th in GT: Jamie Campbell-Walter - nr 27 Creation Autosportif Lister Storm: "We changed the engine to the spare yesterday, and unfortunately the one we had in the car before was about 30 hp more powerful than the spare. So we were down on power, then the gear linkage broke. They fixed it, the car was quite good when we were running alone, but when we were in traffic, they killed us. It was going OK, Jamie D got in, and then the gearbox broke. I never seem to have much luck at Donington."


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