Barcelona: Round one race quotes

Franz Konrad -- nr 2 Saleen S7-R: "It has been a very hard weekend, and we have been working day and night, until three or four every morning, especially after the crash yesterday. We had no technical problems, although an oil pump broke after...

Franz Konrad -- nr 2 Saleen S7-R:
"It has been a very hard weekend, and we have been working day and night, until three or four every morning, especially after the crash yesterday. We had no technical problems, although an oil pump broke after ten laps. We kept going, and later lost a lap with a spin into the gravel. At the end, there was some confusion about the fuel level, so we made a final splash and dash. This is our first race back in the Championship after a number of years, and there are many new people. It is a very good series now, with a very good level, but the people are still friendly, so it is good to be back -- and to get a point for our first race."

Mike Hezemans -- nr 5 Force One Chrysler Viper GTS-R:
"The main shaft of the gearbox broke, but it had been going well until then, and we were not far off the pace, lying in seventh. We have to work hard to make improvements before Magny Cours."

Bobby Verdon-Roe -- nr 6 Creation Autosportif Lister Storm:
"Well, points make prizes, and I think this is a good result for the new team. We need to find a bit more pace, but this is endurance racing, so the most important thing is to keep going and to stay out of trouble. We had no real problems today, and Peter did not put a foot wrong. But it was a Ferrari day --"

Magnus Wallinder -- nr 11 Roos Optima Racing Team Chrysler Viper GTS-R:
"I am very tired, as I had to fight against the car for the last half an hour. We have to do some homework before the next race."

Jamie Campbell-Walter -- nr 14 Lister Storm (retired):
"Alliot's splitter fell off, and Gollin ran over it and flicked it up. I swerved, but it fell on the windscreen, and ripped the roof off. Luckily we've got a plastic windscreen, so I was not hurt. But it affected the airflow to the rear wing, the cooling etc. Nathan took over, but we had extremely high oversteer, and it became undriveable, so we retired. However, at the end of the day, we got pole and led the race for one hour, Gollin only passed me because of backmarkers. It's a shame. But I think this was a good track for Ferrari, and other tracks will be better for us."

Nathan Kinch:
"It's all down to being in garage 13 - never again !"

Andrea Piccini -- nr 15 Lister Storm:
"Fourth is not too bad, but maybe it was not really our circuit. I had problems with Erdos in the nr 7 Saleen, when I did not have any room left so I had to go onto the grass. I came into the pits to check the car, and something was touching the wheel. But the steering was not straight afterwards. At the end I was trying to catch third place, but I could not get close enough."

Wolfgang Kaufmann -- nr 16 Wieth Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello:
" We thought it would be OK today, after our good performance in second qualifying. So we were very motivated. But after a good start, the electrical voltage dropped, and then we lost the power steering. After replacing the belt which powers the generator, I did three slow laps, and then found that an extra fuse in the power steering had broken. Then the car was fine, but I had to do plenty of laps to clean the tyres. We then had problems with the oil pressure. Zoboli took the car out, and he spun out, losing the left rear wheel, and our race was over. It's a shame, as the team have worked very hard and a finish would have been a good reward."

Lilian Bryner -- nr 21 Care Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello:
"It was hot in the car, and there was a lot of traffic, but it was all fair. We had problems with the second pit stop and I lost about 30 seconds. But the tyres were fantastic until the end. It is great to have all three cars on the podium"

Enzo Calderari -- nr 21 Care Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello:
"The car is basically the same as last year. We tested here two days with Michelin, and were able to set constant times even at the end of the stint. Our car had a brake problem, and you really had to pump to brake."

Stefano Livio -- nr 21 Care Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello:
"It was very good for my first race in the Championship. I was lucky, I just had to do regular times and bring the car to the finish."

Luca Cappellari -- nr 22 BMS Ferrari 550 Maranello:
"I had a great fight with Matteo who pushed hard. I was behind him when there was an incident with four or five N-GT cars, so I had to stop and lost time. But I would like to congratulate my team-mates."

Fabrizio Gollin -- nr 22 BMS Ferrari 550 Maranello:
" We had problems with the car as the splitter was broken when I ran over the other car's splitter. I preferred to go straight over it than swerve and risk damaging my tyres. The aerodynamics were destroyed , and I am very sorry for Luca, as the car was not 100% perfect any more."

Matteo Bobbi -- nr 23 BMS Ferrari 550 Maranello:
"I am quite happy with the result. Thomas started, and set a good rhythm, and then I pushed a lot and overtook. But Jamie Campbell-Walter was very fast and was unlucky today. I am really looking forward to the next races !"

Thomas Biagi -- nr 23 BMS Ferrari 550 Maranello:
"I was a bit worried about the rolling start, as it was the first time I had done one, but it went OK. All the drivers are very professional. But the race was very long. I am very happy with the team and would like tot thank them for believing in me despite not knowing me."

Andrea Bertolini -- nr 52 JMB Racing Ferrari 360 Modena:
"This is my first victory and it was very special day for me. We had a lot of work on Friday to balance the car. The Team Maranello Concessionaires car was very quick in qualifying and we could not do anything about it. But the tyres were very consistent today."

Fabrizio De Simone -- nr 52 JMB Racing Ferrari 360 Modena:
"I am really happy with this first race -- actually, the conditions on the track were quite close to the FIA ETCC race. I had to be really careful to pass between two spinning cars. Andrea, Pirelli and the team have all been fantastic !"

Tim Mullen -- nr 88 Team Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari 360 Modena:
"This is my first time in the Championship; we had a few little problems with the gearbox, which got stuck in third gear while I was driving. We lacked the grip which the JMB car had. But I'm very happy, and it's a good result for the first race."

Jamie Davies -- nr 88 Team Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari 360 Modena:
"To finish second and third is a great achievement. We did really well in qualifying, but we are still learning in the race. But we'll get there.

Kelvin Burt -- nr 89 Team Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari 360 Modena:
"It's fair to say it has been a rollercoaster of a weekend. The team has really worked hard -- in fifteen years of motorsport, I have never seen such work. We went from pole to last on the grid because of my mistake yesterday, but everything was going well in today's race until we had a puncture and dropped back again. I've never raced in Magny Cours, so it should be interesting."

Darren Turner - nr 89 Team Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari 360 Modena:
"It's a good result considering the circumstances. We had a safe margin until the puncture but at least we got back onto the podium after the Autopalace car had a problem."

Stephane Daoudi -- nr 99 RWS Yukos Porsche 996 GT3-R:
"Our power steering broke fifteen minutes into the race -- it was incredibly hard after that. And then we lost some time when the safety car came out. So considering all that, it is not bad. We're the best Porsche today, and I think we are going to be competitive this year. But it is going to be hard to beat the Ferrari cars. I can't wait for Magny Cours."


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