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1st Place for ...

1st Place for #77 Lucas Oil Outerlimits Round 3

Powerboat P1 launched the first Turkish Grand Prix of the Sea for a thrilling weekend of racing spanning two continents on the Bosphorus River in Istanbul. The Bosphorus is a strait that connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean Sea, forming the boundary between the European and Asian parts of Turkey. To bring about this premier debut event, the P1 management pulled off a huge feat in closing commercial shipping traffic on the Bosphorus during races on Saturday and Sunday.

The #77 Lucas Oil Outerlimits jumped into the official PowerPole racing competition on Friday, zooming to first place by just tenths of a second over the #88 SNAV Outerlimits. Close on the wake of the pair of Outerlimits boats, the #10 Smash Poker Cigarette actually recorded a higher top speed according to P1 telemetry. But it lost out to the Outerlimits hulls which ran so smoothly across the surface of the choppy waters that they were able to hold a higher consistent speed.

Although Saturday's Sprint race started amid some confusion over the start procedure, the two Outerlimits boats charged to an early lead. The #77 Lucas Oil Outerlimits sustained its commanding front position all the way to the checkered flag, with the new #33 Furnibo Fountain taking second, and the #10 Smash Poker Cigarette rounding out the podium.

Sunday's Endurance race started in mostly flat seas as Luca Fendi of the Italian #10 Cigarette took the jump on the start, with the #77 Lucas Oil pushing their transom and holding at bay constant challenges from the Belgium Fountain #33 Furnibo. The Italian #53 Metamarine Pignolo followed, comfortably ahead of the British #47 Silverline. P1 indicated that the #77 Lucas Oil Outerlimits was just two hundred meters short of finishing the race for points when a ten dollar part failed. Operating its support on a ten hour time difference from home base on the other side of the planet took its toll on the only American team.

-credit: outerlimitspowerboats.com

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