P1: Outerlimits French GP summary

OUTERLIMITS POWERBOATS TAKE A P1 PODIUM--AND A HIT IN FRANCE After two days of storm-course racing, the SV43, Mercury Racing-powered ...


After two days of storm-course racing, the SV43, Mercury Racing-powered #88 Kiton Outerlimits, survived high winds and rough waters with a second place and a fourth place in the Marseilles Grand Prix of the Sea.

On Saturday when the 17-lap Endurance Race was planned, hazardous sea conditions forced race officials to opt for a shortened 11-lap course. Giancarlo Cangiano and Joe Sgro worked their way through the pack from 5th place to second and fought off an attempt by the #10 Cigarette to maintain 2nd place.

The #57 Centaurian Yachts, the Belgian team, campaigning the SV 40' Outerlimits entry in the Evolution Class, also fought a hard race against the Lucas Oil Skater and SeaRex German team.

On Sunday, rain and stormy conditions made the 11-lap Sprint course tough, despite calmer seas. Confusion at the second turn caused problems early in the race for several boats, including the #57 Centaurian Yachts, which was T-boned by another boat causing extensive damage to both boats, forcing them from the race.

According to Paul Fiore of Outerlimits, team manager of the #88 Kiton team, the tough construction of the Outerlimits SV 40 saved the Centaurian Yachts team from injury and contained the damage to the boat. "The Belgian boat survived a tremendous impact, being hit by the other boat at about 100 mph," Fiore explained, "Thanks to the stability of the Outerlimits, it didn't roll over and the self-contained capsule of the cockpit kept the pilots, Nico and Frank, safe." Despite a large hole in the port side transom, the boat made it back to the dock. Outerlimits is sending a crew and materials to repair the boat, with the gracious hospitality of the Chaudron boat-building team in Malta, offering space for the teams to do the work. "We want to help Nico and Frank get ready for the Malta race," said Fiore, "We really appreciate the assistance of the great people at Chaudron. We are all competitors in the races, but we're still teammates helping each other!"

At the end of Sunday's race, Cangiano explained that he and Sgro are still working on their "seat time" together in the #88 Kiton Outerlimits boat. "We do our best," he stated, "When we start out, we suffer with weight [from fuel], but after the first 5 laps, we start a difference race! I am very satisfied--Joe is a very 'big' racer--we increase our ability with each lap." Sgro concurred, "Overall, we had a good weekend. We had a bad start in the Endurance race and there weren't enough laps to catch the competition, otherwise we probably could have done better than fourth on Sunday."

The teams now travel to Malta for the 3rd venue of the Powerboat P1 circuit, June 6-8. Fans can listen to the races on P1 Radio, available on the "Multi-media" page of www.powerboatp1.com and will also be able to log on there to Virtual Spectator to watch the races via telemetry on their computers.

-credit: outerlimitspowerboats.com.

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