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Biloxi, Miss. (March 31, 2008) It's that time of year again and the 2007 National Champions - the Bud Light Offshore Race Team - are in action with a brand new look and sponsor for 2008. Dave Scott's Offshore Powerboat team will shed the Bud ...

Biloxi, Miss. (March 31, 2008) It's that time of year again and the 2007 National Champions - the Bud Light Offshore Race Team - are in action with a brand new look and sponsor for 2008. Dave Scott's Offshore Powerboat team will shed the Bud Select red and black to run Bud Light blue and silver. The new colors will debut at 'Smokin' the Sound 2008' as it kicks off this year's Offshore Super Series (OSS).

The Bud Light 50' Mystic Cat Extreme boat is ready for another exciting year in the OSS Cat Extreme Boat Class, owner Dave Scott and crew are eager to represent the new sponsor label.

"We're proud to be running Anheuser-Busch sponsorship labels every year," Scott said. "The new Bud Light colors look great, and we're all really excited about it. The boat is just back from being painted, and I saw the boat this weekend. It looks fantastic. It will definitely represent the brand well, and I think everyone will really like it."

The 2007 season was successful for the Bud Light Offshore Team. With the addition of driver Mike Seebold for the 2008 season, success looks to be a theme again this year. Scott is excited about adding another teammate to the Bud Light roster.

"We're going with Mike Seebold driving this year and Johnny throttling again," Scott said. "I'm pretty excited about it."

Seebold, who has more than 30 years of experience in Formula One boat racing and 10 years of offshore experience, is thrilled to have the opportunity to work beside and run with OSS' finest.

"To be involved with Dave Scott, Johnny Tomlinson and that whole team, I'm in heaven," Seebold said. "You don't get any better than where I'm at right now. The preparation on this team is phenomenal. When they go to a race, it's first-class from bow to stern of the whole operation. I'm hopeful we can continue the winning tradition. I'm really looking forward to it."

Speaking of winning traditions, in 2007 Scott and crew won their tenth National Championship at Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. They also brought home the checkered flag in six regular season races. The team won their class at the Lake Ozark Fire Rescue shootout and secured their eighth World Championship in Key West, Fla.

In 2007, the team drove away with top honors in Biloxi. However, heading into this year's `Smokin' the Sound,' the Bud Light team is a little light on testing and practice time. Tomlinson is hopeful Saturday will prove to be a very productive testing day and allow Seebold time to familiarize himself with the Bud Light 50' Mystic.

"I think we're going to fare really well," Tomlinson said. "Mike has a lot of experience. He's one of the best Formula One tunnel boat racers in the world, so he's got a lot of driving experience. I think transitioning to the big Cat will be second nature for him. Our main focus is Saturday testing. We expect everything to be running perfectly, so we should get some good time in the boat. By doing that, I can get him (Seebold) familiar with everything. After getting some time on the water, we'll have a better understanding of each other going into the race on Sunday."

2008 is the third time the Bud Light team has `smoked' the sound. The racecourse, which has two long straightaways with sweeping turns at each end, could be the most challenging course teams will see this season.

"It's a very interesting course," Scott said. "It has fast straightaways and the boats actually pass each other very closely, going in opposite directions. When you're running 170 180 mph down the long straightaway, the boats on the back straightaway are coming right at you. It's very narrow and gets challenging when the wind is blowing the boats around, which raises a bit of concern. It also has some challenging turns at both ends. I think it will be a very fast race and challenging for Johnny and Mike, but I'm very confident they will do quite well."

Festivities for `Smokin' the Sound 2008' begin Friday, April 4 as race village opens at 10 a.m. Fans can meet the race teams at the Hard Rock Casino Center Bar at 7 p.m. Testing begins at 11:20 a.m. Saturday, April 5, and official race action begins Sunday, April 6 at noon.

The Dave Scott Bud Light Offshore Race Team is one of the most successful offshore race teams in history, having earned eight world championships and ten national championship titles since 2001. The team is also the proud owner of six offshore speed records. Dave Scott, Johnny Tomlinson and Mike Seebold have more than 40 years of combined experience in offshore powerboat racing.

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