IHBA: Chowchilla qualifying report and results

Qualifying Hot at IHBA Summer Nationals June 16, 2001 (Chowchilla, CA) --- A record number of entries and a packed spectator area got the 5th annual IHBA Hot Summer Nationals at Berenda Reservoir off to a scorching start in Chowchilla. In...

Qualifying Hot at IHBA Summer Nationals

June 16, 2001 (Chowchilla, CA) --- A record number of entries and a packed spectator area got the 5th annual IHBA Hot Summer Nationals at Berenda Reservoir off to a scorching start in Chowchilla. In addition to an all-time high number of racers the action on the water was also top notch.

Dwayne Patton, of Visalia, CA, continued to blister the rest of the Top Fuel Hydro class with his twin prop entry. He secured the number one qualifying spot during the first session on Saturday with a 5.030 second 235.80 mph pass. His closest competitor was two tenths of a second behind him. Patton is currently fourth in IHBA points.

" When you see nothing but sky you know you are about to have a great pass. Then the blower belt goes and you realize your pass is over. We were looking for it to leave like that but sometimes you just loose the blower belt. It was a brand new belt, too. Every pass we are still learning new stuff so we are still in a testing mode. Everyone else is trying to put us a in a racing mode but we are still testing. Chowchilla has always been good to us so hopefully we will get it all together," said Patton.

Mark Atkinson, of Dixon, CA, grabbed his first number one qualifying position of 2001 with a 5.529 second, 214.38 mph pass in Top Alcohol Hydro. The former world champion was glad to get some of the kinks worked out of his boat.

" We wore out a lot of our components so we put in a brand new engine. We smoked the clutch on that last pass but we can get that fixed, " said Atkinson following his last qualifying attempt. " It was beautiful this morning but now the air is bad because of the temperature. This morning it felt really good and I know there is more in the boat. If it would cool off about 10-15 degrees by tomorrow it would be perfect."

In Top Alcohol Flat hometown favorite Eric Morris, of Madera, CA, gave the local fans something to cheer about when his entry slid into the number one spot with a 6.978 second, 149.42 mph pass. Dale Lambert is the usual crew chief on Morris' team but he is not at the Chowchilla event. Bobby Frankenburger has stepped up and is filling in for Lambert. Morris is fourth in IHBA points with 1645.

"Bobby is doing a super job for us. This is the greatest thing ever. It is a dream come true," added an excited Morris. " We have a lot of friends and family here. We did what we set out to do today. Now we just have to finish the job tomorrow. Everything on the boat is looking perfect. We broke a blower belt at the finish line during our number one qualifying pass so we know there is more power in the boat."

Finally, in Pro Mod Josh Hayden, of Pleasanton, CA, worked his way to the top of the field with a 7.003 second pass against the 7.000 second index. Hayden has a solid lead in the Pro Mod point standings with 2377.

<pre> Top Fuel Hydro Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Dwayne Patton, Visalia, CA 5.030 235.80 2. John Hipwell, Landing, NJ 5.207 217.32 3. Dale Ishimaru, Torrance, CA 5.359 219.64 4. Greg Tedesco, Reno, NV 5.411 224.48 5. James Faulkerson, Las Vegas, NV 5.804 139.08 6. Rex Childers, Bakersfield, CA 6.511 123.88 7. Donny Lebon, Livermore, CA 0.00 000.00

Top Alcohol Hydro Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Mark Atkinson, Dixon, CA 5.529 214.38 2. Todd Plate, Visalia, CA 5.531 223.78 3. Ted Faggart, Portersville, CA 5.532 215.94 4. Troy Ferry, Vallejo, CA 5.656 205.00 5. Tim Stokes, Eufuala, OK 5.883 165.30 6. Hannes Wernhart, Bakersfield, CA 6.021 193.94 7. Mark Santar, Escondido, CA 6.255 173.44 8. Glen Wilson, San Francisco, CA 7.750 156.60

Top Alcohol Flat Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Eric Morris, Madera, CA 6.978 149.42 2. Johnny Heidemann, Tacoma, WA 6.980 160.74 3. Dino Warda, Modesto, CA 6.997 161.56 4. Don Ermshar, Riverside, CA 7.053 159.20 5. Andy Dement, Riverside, CA 7.065 150.46 6. Jerry Davis, Conroe, TX 7.131 159.04 7. Jim Ermshar, Riverside, CA 7.184 144.62 8. Todd Haas, Ft. Worth, TX 7.272 154.94

Pro Mod (versus 7.000 index) Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Josh Hayden, Pleasanton, CA 7.003 169.86 2. Jamie Leppanen, Sacramento, CA 7.034 156.24 3. Vic Esposito, Alamo, CA 7.039 163.12 4. Toby Mewharter, Marysville, WA 7.056 166.48 5. Jay Brookhart, Longview, WA 7.091 169.62 6. Rick Mills, Cathedral City, CA 7.092 160.88 7. Ryan Baxter, Elverton, CA 7.145 165.12 8. Harry Hodil, Cave Creek, AZ 7.172 144.84 9. Scott Loomis, Ojai, CA 7.217 165.70 10. Tim Barger, Sparks, CA 7.291 156.52 11. Darrin Christle, Napa, CA 7.392 157.98 12. Lonnie Mills, Bakersfield, CA 7.994 148.28 13. Randy Johnson, Whittier, CA 6.985 160.72 14. Darin Dunagan, Minden, NV 6.912 160.60


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