IHBA: Chouteau final qualifying

(August 25, 2001) Chouteau, OK --- The 6th annual IHBA Mid America Summer Nationals in Chouteau, Oklahoma had more ups and downs than an elementary school see-saw. Mother Nature threatened to participate in today's action but inclement weather...

(August 25, 2001) Chouteau, OK --- The 6th annual IHBA Mid America Summer Nationals in Chouteau, Oklahoma had more ups and downs than an elementary school see-saw. Mother Nature threatened to participate in today's action but inclement weather never materialized. On the track water conditions were perfect for much of the day while drivers tried to chase down various gremlins in their pit areas. At the end of the day Kebin Kinsley, of Kennedale, Texas, stood atop the Top Fuel Hydro field. Tim Stokes, of Eufaula, Oklahoma hung on to his Top Alcohol Hydro number one spot. Eric Morris, of Madera, California had a near record day in Top Alcohol Flat. Stephen Mireles, of Deer Park, Texas had the top spot in Pro Mod.

Kebin Kinsley was pleased with his team's effort and is looking forward to tomorrow's final eliminations, "We are happy with the .27 (5.27 elapsed time). We are trying to get more consistent. The best way to do that is to make passes. The conditions today were great. When the weather looked like it was going to be bad all I was thinking was let me get in the water and run."

In the Top Alcohol Hydro field Tim Stokes wishes he could have taken advantage of the good weather but circumstances prevented him from getting a second shot. His first round pass of 5.285 seconds stood up and he is ready to get wet on Sunday, "Being the number one qualifier is a good place to be. If we win the first round tomorrow we get a bye into the final so we are going to be ready for that first lap. In the first round of qualifying the wind blew me crooked when I came off the starting rope and I had to lift on the throttle. I know there is more power in the boat. The motor is in good shape so we should be ready to go."

"We had about 30 friends and family members here today and there should be even more tomorrow so it has been hectic. The good news is that helps me pass the time between rounds. Once I am on the water I just focus on the run," added Stokes.

Eric Morris is not looking forward to heading back west to his home state of California since he has been so dominant on the east coast swing and in the Midwest. Today's number one qualifying pass also gives him a leg up on the elapsed time national record and he has his sights set on the record for Sunday's eliminations.

"I'd like to go after the record tomorrow but the main thing is to get points and win rounds. We need the points more than we need the record. I've enjoyed being away from home and to be honest I'm not looking forward to going back since I've been running so good away for home. Everything is set for tomorrow. We put a fresh motor in the boat and everything is new for this last stretch of the season. We want to go at it with everything we have," summed up Morris.

In the Pro Mod class Stephen Mireles edged Oklahoman Jim Parsons for the top spot with a run of 7.025 versus the 7.00 index.

Final Qualifying Order 6th annual IHBA Mid America Summer Nationals August 25, 2001

Top Fuel Hydro Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Kebin Kinsley, Kennedale, TX 5.287 199.30 2. Kevin Burgess, Spokane, WA 5.656 184.20 3. Craig Caulk, S. Houston, TX 5.688 203.32 4. Michelle Updergraft, Lewisbery, PA 0.000* 000.00*

*No times were recorded as Updergraft received her Top Fuel Hydro License during the second qualifying session.

Top Alcohol Hydro Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Tim Stokes, Eufaula, OK 5.285 218.22 2. Ted Faggart, Porterville, CA 5.383 210.22 3. Andy Reynolds, Belmont, NC 5.603 205.50 4. Terry Newton, Camarillo, CA 5.626 212.96 5. Sam Shaffer, Cambridge, IA 5.659 196.22 6. Todd Plate, Visalia, CA 0.000 000.00

Top Alcohol Flat Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Eric Morris, Madera, CA 6.636 155.90 2. Don Ermshar, Riverside, CA 6.814 160.08 3. Johnny Heidemann, Tacoma, WA 6.846 150.30 4. Jerry Davis, Conroe, TX 6.877 160.22 5. Ken Singleton, Chickasha, OK 6.937 147.08 6. Andy Dement, Riverside, CA 7.174 144.92 7. Don Bausher, Las Vegas, NV 7.289 151.20 8. Buddy Tippett, Loveville, MD 7.375 145.30

Pro Mod (versus a 7.00 index) Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Stephen Mireles, Deer Park, TX 7.025 160.90 2. Jim Parson, Blanchard, OK 7.061 165.82 3. Chris Leas, Independence, MO 7.085 167.46 4. Jarrett Silver, Gladstone, MO 7.112 166.74 5. Joe Gooch, S. Keston, MO 7.153 169.44 6. Ken Deffenbaugh, Blue Springs, MI 7.156 165.50 7. Jimmy Richards, Siloam Springs, AR 7.226 165.50 8. Casey Beal, Bonner Springs, KS 7.311 160.52 9. Frank Carter, Leander, TX 7.426 156.04 10. Gus Ward, Sonora, TX 7.456 161.42 11. Mark Kennedy, Desoto, KS 7.551 146.78 12. Tom Brasher, St. Louis, MO 6.862 175.42


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