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(July 21, 2001) Augusta, GA --- At the 16th annual IHBA Sprint Augusta Southern Nationals racers benefited from good conditions and fans were treated to record runs on the Savannah River during today's two qualifying sessions. The morning session...

(July 21, 2001) Augusta, GA --- At the 16th annual IHBA Sprint Augusta Southern Nationals racers benefited from good conditions and fans were treated to record runs on the Savannah River during today's two qualifying sessions. The morning session was highlighted by some of the quickest passes of the season in Top Alcohol Hydro and Top Alcohol Flat as Tim Stokes and Eric Morris, respectively, treated the overflow crowd to some blistering passes. The Top Fuel Hydro class looked to be locked up by Kennedale, Texas's Kebin Kinsley following the morning session, but Reno's Greg Tedesco laid down a 5.13 second pass to grab the number one qualifying spot during the afternoon session. In Pro Mod Jimmy Parson continued his hot streak following an IHBA national event win in Waco, Texas, he secured the number one qualifying spot today.

Time ran out on Kebin Kinsley this afternoon after his 5.20 second pass in the morning session gave him the top spot in Top Fuel Hydro Kinsley's crew was working furiously to get their Speed Sport Special boat ready for the second session but they could not get his rebuilt in time.

"We really wanted to run. We had trouble with the fuel shutout off after the morning session and it really became a safety issue more than anything. Today we made the first real pass under power to run the 5.20 with this boat. There is even more power in this engine. I think we can get into the O's. We have the best crew out here," said an upbeat Kinsley.

Greg Tedesco's 5.13 second pass moved him into the number spot in Top Fuel Hydro but it didn't put anymore pressure on the Reno racer.

"All we wanted to do in the afternoon session was get a clean pass. Running quick enough to be number one qualifier is just a bonus. We were running our back up prop and the water was better this afternoon so we had a good pass. I was hoarse by the time I got to the finish line from screaming after I heard we had the number one spot. The hardest this to figure out on these boats is the propeller and now we have to we can use so I feel pretty good," said Tedesco.

Tim Stokes, of Eufaula, OK, knew he had a solid pass as long as he cut a good light during his Top Alcohol Hydro session. He did his job and the boat did its job.

"This boat can run in the 30's if the conditions are good tomorrow. We haven't done anything different to the boat I am just working on cutting good lights and having good reaction times. The conditions today were really good. On the West Coast it is a lot drier so when you get to the East Coast you have to have a little luck. Today the conditions were really good," said Stokes.

In Top Alcohol Flat Eric Morris, of Madera, CA made in his words "the best pass ever" and it was good enough to secure him the top spot in a tough field.

"From my reaction time (.002) to the elapsed time that was an awesome pass. I don't know if I can do it any better but tomorrow I am going to try. One cylinder got a little lean at the top end so maybe that will help us get a little more out of it during eliminations. The air was good and the water conditions were perfect today. I couldn't ask for better conditions," said Morris.

Number one Pro Mod qualifier Jimmy Parson, of Blanchard, OK, has found a good combination and he isn't going to mess with it. Following his win at the IHBA Michelob Light Texas Shootout earlier in July he used the same combination in Georgia that got him into the winner's circle in Texas.

"Our momentum has been going pretty good since Waco. We have made some minor adjustments but nothing that is significant. Last year we had a lot of problems so it is good to get off to a good starting in 2001," said Parsons.

Final eliminations for the 16th annual IHBA Sprint Augusta Southern Nationals will begin tomorrow at 10 a.m. <pre>

Final Qualifying 16th annual IHBA Sprint Augusta Southern Nationals Top Fuel Hydro Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Greg Tedesco, Reno, NV 5.135 230.06 2. Kebin Kinsley, Kennedale, TX 5.209 222.26 3. John Hipwell, Landing, NJ 5.231 219.10 4. John Haas, Allegan, MI 5.303 208.20 5. Ron McCellan, Thamesford, ONT CAN 5.906 165.32 6. Scott Lumber, Batavia, IL 6.317 134.34 7. Scott Price, Adairville, KY 11.565 130.52 8. Craig Caulk, S. Houston, TX 00.00 00.00

Top Alcohol Hydro Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Tim Stokes, Eufaula, OK 5.438 212.32 2. Ted Faggart, Porterville, CA 5.480 210.46 3. Andy Reynolds, Belmont, NC 5.642 209.18 4. Sam Shaffer, Cambridge, IA 5.782 195.06 5. Daryl Ehrlich, Round Rock, TX 5.936 198.28 6. John White, Houston, TX 7.660 87.20

Top Alcohol Flat Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Eric Morris, Madera, CA 6.757 152.92 2. Buddy Tippett, Loveville, MD 7.045 146.66 3. Jerry Davis, Conroe, TX 7.071 159.42 4. Don Ermshar, Riverside, CA 7.076 158.38 5. Willie Lawrence, Richmond, VA 7.289 162.88 6. Todd Haas, Houston, TX 8.074 84.48 7. Tracy Graves, Abell, MD 10.885 63.68

Pro Mod (versus 7.00 index) Name, Hometown ET MPH 1. Jim Parson, Blanchard, OK 7.018 156.62 2. Bob Genther, Wayland, MI 7.029 170.84 3. Charlie Zalauder, St. Louis, MO 7.069 167.16 4. Kelvin Perkins, Aubusry, KY 7.103 34.42 5. Raffael Calega, St. Louis, MO 8.233 137.22 6. Bob Montgomery, Spring City, TN 6.939 167.08 7. Kent Fowler, Powell, OH 6.923 162.82 8. Joe Link, Newburg, MD 00.00 00.00


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