Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour announces driver line-up for 2001 season

(Lake Hamilton, Fla.) - Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour, Inc. announced today that more than thirty drivers will compete during the 2001 Laughlin Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour Presented by Bud Light. "We have an outstanding line-up of teams and drivers...

(Lake Hamilton, Fla.) - Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour, Inc. announced today that more than thirty drivers will compete during the 2001 Laughlin Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour Presented by Bud Light.

"We have an outstanding line-up of teams and drivers who will compete this season in Formula One," said Bart Garbrecht, President of the Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour. "The interest, competition and excitement has been growing each year. This is our strongest, most professional line-up in our six-year history. I believe we have the ingredients for our best season ever of Formula One."

Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour Champion Mike Seebold will return to defend his championship in the 2001 season. Mike was victorious in three races last season and won the closest championship points battle in Formula One history, finishing just seven points ahead of his younger brother Tim after winning a grueling, head-to-head final race of the season at Cypress Gardens, Fla. This season Mike decided to leave the Bud Light Racing Team and will drive for Todd Beckman's team handling the additional responsibilities of team general manager. Mike is the career victory leader in Formula One and is the only driver who has won at least one race in each season since the Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour was formed in 1995.

Tim Seebold, who won two races last season and finished second in the championship, decided to switch seats with his brother Mike. Tim will move from Todd Beckman's team to the Bud Light Racing Team in 2001. Bud Light will celebrate its 20th anniversary with the team. Tim will look to add to his two Formula One Championships (1998-1999) and eight career victories in the 2001 season.

After a terrific third place finish in the championship last season, Todd Beckman will once again compete in hopes of winning the Formula One Championship. The 1997 Formula One Rookie of the Year has continued to impress his fellow drivers and hopes to join the elite ranks in the series. Beckman won his first career Formula One race last season at St. Louis, Mo. With Mike Seebold joining Beckman's team, the Australian Gold Formula One boats could be a dominant force this season.

Terry Rinker, one of the most consistent drivers in Formula One, will return for his seventh consecutive season. Rinker has piloted his Blackhawk/Rinker boat to six consecutive top-five finishes in the championship, including his fourth place last season. He has competed in every Formula One P.R.O.P. race since 1995 and has secured two victories throughout his career.

Veteran racer Greg Foster, nicknamed "Mad Man across the Water", returns for another tour in Formula One for the 2001 season driving for Wendt Bros. Racing. Foster finished fifth in championship points last season and won the Great Northern River Roar, Saskatoon, Canada for the second consecutive year.

After four successful seasons competing in Formula Two, Max Toler joined the Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour last season and won Rookie of the Year honors. Toler finished the season in sixth place in championship points, including a top finish at San Diego, Calif. Toler has secured a new sponsor for the 2001 season, The Advocate and The, and has established a goal to finish in the top five in the championship.

Carlos Kuri and the entire Telmex Team are looking forward to the 2001 season, their third full year of racing in Formula One. The 1999 Rookie of the Year, Kuri excelled last season and drove to a seventh place finish in the championship. This season the team looks to once again finish in the top ten and would like to secure a podium finish.

Finishing eighth in the 2000 championship, Jason Campbell returns for another season in Formula One. Campbell, always a threat, won his first ever Formula One race in St. Louis, Mo. Last season Campbell secured a second place finish at Bay City, Mich. and a fourth place finish at St. Louis.

Pete Nydahl has raced boats for 25 years, winning seven National Championships. In 1994 he retired from racing but returned last year and ran a full schedule in Formula One. He finished tenth in the championship.

Gary Vogel, Rusty Campbell, Garrett Armstrong, Alden Thornton, John Jensen, Jimmy Ablott, John Lane, Bill Joule and Mark Welch finished in the top twenty last season in the championship and will return to compete during the 2001 Formula One season.

Todd Bowden, Johnny Travis, Wyatt Nelson, Mike Maskall, Pete Lindenberg, Ray Anderson, Brett May, Chad Hill, Don White and Nathan Worthy will all run during the season. In addition, Ed Boehm, Chris Fairchild and John Marles will compete this season for Rookie of the Year honors.

Tentative Driver Line-up for the 2001 Laughlin Formula One P.R.O.P. Tour Presented By Bud Light

<pre> Boat # Driver Boat # Driver

 # 1    Mike Seebold                    # 34    Todd Bowden
 # 2    Todd Beckman                    # 36    Brett May
 # 3    John Marles                     # 38    Bill Joule
 # 5    Jason Campbell                  # 44    Chad Hill
 # 6    Gary Vogel                      # 48    John Lane
 # 7    Nathan Worthy                   # 53    Greg Foster
 # 8    Wyatt Nelson                    # 62    Chris Fairchild
 # 9    Johnny Travis                   # 69    Mike Maskall
 # 10   Terry Rinker                    # 71    Pete Nydahl
 # 11   Tim Seebold                     # 77    Pete Lindenberg
 # 17   Ed Boehm                        # 82    Jimmy Ablott
 # 18   Alden Thornton                  # 91    Max Toler
 # 19   Carlos Kuri                     # 92    Don White
 # 22   Garrett Armstrong               # 94    Ray Anderson
 # 27   Rusty Campbell                  # 95    Mark Welch
 # 29   John Jensen

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