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Yukio Kagayama Yukio Kagayama
Yukio Kagayama Steve Plater
Virgin Mobile girls
Steve Plater Steve Hislop
Shane Byrne Shane Byrne and Michael Rutter
Sean Emmett Sean Emmett
Sean Emmett
Scott Smart Michael Rutter
Michael Rutter Michael Rutter
Mark Heckless John Reynolds
John Reynolds John Reynolds
Glen Richards
Gary Mason Tobias Markham
Paul Veazey leads the field Brian Clark in trouble
Eugene Laverty leads the field Lee Longden and Kris Weston
Ohlins front forks
Castrol Honda girl
Steve Hislop
Race action Thomas Bridewell
Legs 11 girls Gary Mason
Ryan Saxelby and Ashley Beech Sam Owens and Jon Boy Lee
Midge Smart Lee Longden and Kris Weston
Race action Mark Heckless
Race action