SUPERCROSS: World Supercross round one Geneva recap, quotes

Round 1 Race Recap Team Yamaha's David Vuillemin won the opening round of THQ World Supercross GP at Palexpo in front of a record-breaking, sold out crowd of 20,000-plus. Vuillemin, of Corona, Calif., finished ahead of teammate Tim Ferry, of Dade...

Round 1 Race Recap
Team Yamaha's David Vuillemin won the opening round of THQ World Supercross GP at Palexpo in front of a record-breaking, sold out crowd of 20,000-plus. Vuillemin, of Corona, Calif., finished ahead of teammate Tim Ferry, of Dade City, Fla., and Suzuki's Sebastien Tortelli, who also lives in Dade City, Fla.

Tim Ferry on Driving in Holland: "This place is like being on a race track

Former 125cc AMA National MX Champion and 500cc AMA National MX Champion Broc Glover will make his first television appearance for Clear Channel Entertainment - Motor Sports as a color commentator for the international feed of THQ World Supercross GP presented by UFO Plast in Arnhem, Holland on December 14th. Glover joins Racer X Magazine Publisher Davey Coombs, who will handle the play by play.

Flying Dutchman Gerrit Wolsink, also known at the flying Dutch Dentist, was in attendance at Thursday's press conference. Wolsink, who won the Philadelphia round of supercross in 1973, finished second in 500cc GP, and was a multi-time winner of the Carlsbad GP, brought supercross to Holland in 1981. He discussed the reasons why the stars of motocross GP were not participating in this event. He went on to say that those riders were not adjusted to supercross style riding. However, he did mention that with the success of the opening round, they might begin to train for future THQ World Supercross GP events.

Post Race Quotes from Round 1, Geneva

Reed: "I think I could have won it, even if not, we could have had three Yamahas on the podium. Unfortunately for Yamaha and me we couldn't do that but hopefully we will do it next week. This track is tough. It is the same for everyone. The way to fix it is get a holeshot. That is what I have to do next week. Sebastien (Tortelli), when he took off the jump he just completely went from one side to the other. Once we were in the air I had no control. It is unfortunate it happened, and we ran into each other. I am walking and I got it (wrist) X-Rayed and I am fine. It is a good thing we are here at World Supercross. We have two races on two good race tracks and we are going to get in 40 good laps. That is the main thing."

Ricky Johnson: "Sebastien took the inside at the finish because Reed tried an aggressive pass the turn before the whoops and didn't want to get nailed in the finish turn. He lost traction up the face and went sideways. He wasn't trying to block or take anyone out."

Ferry: "I think (Tortelli) got a little tired and a little frustrated being out front and not being able to pull away. That was fine with me. (The track) was better in the main event. We had a lot of practice on it, so the track got really packed down. When they worked it, it got loose so the track was perfect for the main event. There were some lines. You could go inside people, stuff people, and people stuffed me. I think Sebastien had a really good first 10 laps for sure. I got second and I really wasn't catching him. I just think he got a little tired. Maybe they got a little nervous being up front, both of them. Jeremy had a rough year last year, and Sebastien has had some injuries and he is not known for being a supercross rider. Maybe they got a little tight or whatever. I felt good. I felt strong at the end. My start was really good. I didn't back off when I got tangled with David and a couple guys going down the first straightaway."

About Yamaha's participation in the new world supercross format, Ferry said, "I am totally happy. I was here (Europe) a month ago racing, and we do have a lot of races on our schedule but maybe this is going to be the future and they have to at least give Clear Channel a chance because they are always fighting for us and always upping the purses and helping the riders out so it is kind of our payback to them coming and testing the waters."

David Bailey: "He (David Vuillemin) rode smart. I wasn't all that pleased after the heat race. He doesn't rattle. He doesn't make dumb mistakes. I knew that he was probably mad at himself more than anything, and that he would go out in the semi and make it all right and get a little more time on the bike and in the flow for the main event. You could see how smart he was, which is really a sign of confidence. Chad (Reed) had the speed, too, but Chad was impatient. David put that pressure on him by pulling away, and Chad thought he had to get by Tortelli now and if David didn't have that speed that he showed in all the practice sessions, David could have taken his time and their might have been a different outcome. That's what I wanted him to do: keep the pressure on and make everyone ride his pace and hopefully for 20 laps they wont be able to do it. All the ingredients … to win a supercross championship he displayed tonight."

Vuillemin: "I think I was smart. I think I can go faster and be a little bit fit. These two (world supercross) races were a big question mark because I did not know if I was going to be ready for those because of the surgery. When I was behind I just realized I could pass them, I don't remember I think it was MC, and Ferry and Tortelli. I tried to pass them and saw Chad behind me and I knew he would be a tough one tonight. I tired to pass Sebastien take off a little bit. Chad crashed after that. But, it's good for the whole team; we went 1-2. I think that it is good to do those races to be ready for Anaheim.

I think it is good to go worldwide. It is good for me because I am kind of racing at home right now -- 15 miles from France. I did not go to Bercy but it is good that I came here for the French fans. I need to race. I haven't raced since Troy, Ohio, so I need to get back to racing. We do 28 races and that is a lot. We do not have a weekend off for the first 10 races. That is kind of difficult. You go straight after Vegas (Supercross) to Glen Helen. To do those winter races, that is not for the fame or anything. The other riders they go for money. I was supposed to do those two races in Italy but I didn't because I was hurt, but those other races the riders go because they have good money.

Yea, it is important. I think Clear Channel wants to make a big series. It is good that we go worldwide and we bring American supercross in Europe. People have just followed it on TV and they can see the real thing here. The championship will need a little time to get in place and to have a good schedule. Hopefully we can work out a good schedule with a little more races in Europe and a little less in the US." (Laughs)

Langston: "I didn't plan (to make the podium) but I was hoping. I came here looking for top five. I thought if I start the season without a crash and not do anything stupid just be there at the end of the race. That is kind of what I did in that race. I was outside the top five most of the race and towards the end the last 10 laps came together for me.

I seemed to be pretty good in the tight sections. If I felt better I could gain on the guys. In the tight sections I seemed to be getting in and out better. The bike worked good in the whoops this weekend. Up until about two weeks ago I was kind of getting a little frustrated on the 250cc and the way the bike was going. KTM worked really hard the past two weeks, getting the suspension working; my riding is coming together. Bercy was a good confidence booster. For this two rounds I was looking at walking away in the top five and to get a third I am stoked with that."

MC: "My race started out pretty good. It finished a little on the low side but today was a learning day. The bike was never the same twice. I have been hurt lately so it has been hard to get a lot of testing done at home. We learned a lot, it was valuable experience today. Next weekend should be a ton better. I was good until about half way and just got a little tight. I feel good. The bike is awesome. I just need to work out some of the little bugs that might be annoying me about halfway when you start to wear out a little bit. I am glad to be here, because it is going to be valuable for me. If I was on the same bike as before, I might not be so receptive to these races. I haven't raced much so it was good to get up and ride the same pace as these guys."


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