SUPERCROSS: THQ World Supercross Vancouver preview

GENERAL INFO Doors Open/Practice/Qualifying - 2:00 p.m. Main Event Starts - 7:00 p.m. Location: 777 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4YB December 11, 2004 TICKET PRICES Gold Circle - Adults $35/Kids $15 All other seats - Adults $25/Kids ...

Doors Open/Practice/Qualifying - 2:00 p.m.
Main Event Starts - 7:00 p.m.
Location: 777 Pacific Blvd.
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4YB
December 11, 2004

Gold Circle - Adults $35/Kids $15
All other seats - Adults $25/Kids $15
Tickets available at the B.C. Place Stadium Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, online at, or charge by phone at 604-280-4444.

* The first Vancouver Supercross was held in 1984 at BC Place Stadium

* Last CMA Supercross was held in 1986

* U.S. Arenacross held an event in BC Place in 2002, and hometown favorite Darcy Lange won both 250 mains, despite having his bikes stolen before the race

* The BC Place Stadium is the largest air-supported domed stadium in the world

* The roof is only 1/30 inch thick

* Vancouver is home to Stanley Park, the third largest urban park in North America; it extends over 400 hectares

* Vancouver was recently announced as the home to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

* Vancouver has been called "Hollywood North" because of the city's booming film industry

Toronto Race Recap

Ricky Carmichael, of Havana, Fla., won the opening race of THQ World Supercross GP at Toronto's SkyDome on his Suzuki motorcycle. KTM's Nathan Ramsey won the 125cc main event.

Carmichael, who missed last supercross season with knee injury, edged out Honda's Kyle Lewis for the holeshot award but was quickly passed by Lewis. At the end of lap one Carmichael secured the lead and rode to his first THQ World Supercross GP win on a Suzuki. Honda's Mike LaRocco and Lewis battled until lap six when Lewis crashed over the finish line jump. LaRocco held on for second and Yamaha's Tim Ferry made a charge at the end of the race to secure third place.

"I have a good head start on the competition," said Carmichael. "This race is important to me and the THQ World Supercross GP title is very important. I am going to continue to train and ride as hard as I can. It's great to be back after missing the entire season last year."

Post-Race Quotes:

I never like to take anything for granted. You never know when your competition is hiding a few tricks up their sleeve. I put a lot of time on the KTM and I like it a lot. I just wanted to put all the homework we have been doing to work and see where we are. I learned a lot tonight. There is nothing like racing. I am really glad that I came here and participated in this. We have had the bike for maybe like 5 weeks. I have had a really good time riding it.

I have been riding since the beginning of September, but there is nothing like racing. Sebastien was all over me. We had a pretty good battle. I wish I could have rode the way I did in the heat race.

(The loose dirt) threw me off a little bit. The track kept deteriorating more and more. It was rocky. It was one of the tougher track I have ridden on in quite a while. It reminds me of a track from like 1997 when Ricky and I were riding 125s, really rutty and stuff. That separate everybody.

Yamaha really didn't want me to come. It was up to me. This was a last minute deal. We were not able to bring the semi and all that stuff. We just brought some parts and suspension and borrowed a bike from Yamaha of Canada. It was up to me and I wanted to race it. Yamaha (USA) wanted to concentrate on the US series.

I felt a little better. I am still not where I want to be. I tried to check in with Rick's pace and that didn't happen. We have a few more weeks before everyone joins (the racing) and by that time we will be ready. The track was tough as far as the ruts go. It was tough all weekend in practice. I came from California and the hard pack and I just felt way, way off in practice.

I wasn't really comfortable moving around in the ruts, so I followed Lewis around when I shouldn't have.

I need the practice. We need to be out here. I doubt the world supercross is going to go away. I think everyone needs to be out here. I regret not doing it a couple of years ago. I had intentions of doing it last year but an injury stopped me from doing that. I feel great to get a win. These guys up here are no slouch, full credit to them.

The older get, the more I enjoy it more than I did a couple of years ago. I have more appreciation for the job. I love being out there again. I don't know how I got the holeshot. Lewis came in hot and was going for that money. He came around the outside and he was set up perfect. I was just waiting for him to make a mistake. The track got really technical, I was surprised. It was tough.

I know this is going to help me. I am going to keep doing it until I am not racing anymore. I think it is what we all need to do. Anaheim is so far away I am just thinking about next weekend. I am glad Anaheim is not going to be my first race.

I feel like I did in 2001. I feel in tune with the bike. Everyone is happy with my change. The press is good. My fan base is good. I am happy. I wish Chad and Bubba were here, but I don't want to discredit Timmy or Mike. They made me push tonight.

I am not worried about whoops anymore. My bike treats me good through that particular section. I have a lot of confidence in it. Whoops are all confidence and that is one thing I have right now.

I had my mind made up I was coming here. I like coming to places like this. The fans seem like they really appreciate it. The same for Europe. Its nice to have gracious fans like that. I like coming somewhere new instead of the same old ball and chain every time. Clear Channel does a great job promoting it. They have us on commercials and they pump it up pretty good. The sport is growing. All of us are trying hard to be better. We want what NASCAR has. With Clear Channel backing us, we can be there. It will be there someday. It doesn't surprise me that we had a lot of people here.


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